Stella´s story of the threesome

The e-mail below I found hidden away in my spam folder. An old message from Stella to me. I now know that Stella and Stuart have been in that house a few times more. Where more daring fantasies have taken place. 

I hope you will enjoy this story of Stella´s as much as me. 

”Bye girls, see you next week!”  I shouted as I left the weekly dance class heading for the door. I had just read the message from Stuart saying he was picking me up in the car and was waiting eagerly outside the entrance. His message ended – ”I hope you haven’t changed from your dance attires, let me help you undress…”

I took the stairs with half the amount of steps needed in the highest heels I could dance in, and pulled my coat around my body as I walked passed the young boy in the reception. He did not need to know that I was only half-dressed.

Outside it was still a bit chilly and icy on the ground.  I carefully looked down to see where to place my feet so I wouldn´t slip on my way to the car. I met Stuarts eyes through the glass of the passenger seat´s door before I opened it and jumped in. He pulled me close and kissed me.

”Thanks for picking me up.” I said and buckled up. As my left hand put the seatbelt into the slot, my hand was caressed by someone else. Someone sitting in the seat right behind me. Mr X. He kept his fingers on my hand and then all along my sleeve up to my neck and hair. Pulled his fingers through my hair and gently placed a kiss on my neck. And another one.

Stuart drove us out of town. I understood where he was taking me. Us. All three of us. And I had no idea this was going to happen today. I had been saying it was time for us to meet an extra man, but like this – I was not prepared, and yet I was as prepared as I could be. In less then 10 minutes we parked on the drive way and walked up to the house. Not our house. Just a house that we had the opportunity to use for dates like these. And the owners had left it in our hands just because they wanted us to explore more.

Holding on to one man in each hand I stepped out of the car, let my coat open itself up as the wind touched my body and we walked to the house. Stuart unlocked and I was kissed by mr X as we waited. My coat was thrown off right inside the door. Stuart took my hand and pulled me towards him. His hands all over me and he kissed me deep. At the same time fingers running up and down the seams on my stockings. A well as all along the edge of my sassy dance shorts. Around each thigh. Slow and teasing. Just the way I like it.


I smiled at Stuart and managed to ask him if he had given mr X any instructions for the afternoon.

”Did I mention slow and teasing to our guest, you mean?” 
Stuart laughed and kissed me again. Then he took us both by the hands and walked us to the bedroom downstairs. It was still not dark outside, but no close neighbours so we let the big windows be open to let the last of the daylight in to the bed. Where I by now had been placed by mr X. He was walking around the bed watching me. Taking in every bit of me. Me, dressed like this. Like half naked. And then something else underneath, that he might still be unaware of. Maybe Stuart hadn’t mentioned the whole fantasy?

Meanwhile Stuart put on a vary familiar song. One of our recent favourites.
”Disco tits” by Tove Lo. 
I stood up and started to move to the song. Mr X and Stuart sat down on the bench at the foot of the bed. Their eyes encouraging me to keep doing what I did, so my body took me through all the moves of the song that I had practised just a little while ago at the dance class. And soon most of my clothes had come off. But not all. I put my right stiletto heel between Stuarts thighs and he assisted in taking it off. The left one met the same procedure between the thighs of mr X. The two men knelt on the floor and offered me the bench. As I sat down they removed my garters and rolled down my stockings as they simultaneously placed kisses from my thighs down to my toes. I leaned back onto the bed in pleasure.

The teasing in slow-motion as they took turns kissing me and undressing the last items were not far from unbearable and maddening. My pussy had a hard on and they still hadn’t touched her. I was in yearning. But no. Still not getting what I wanted. First they had other plans. My part was to play along with them, they assured me that if I just waited and enjoyed the teasing and the slowness my pleasure would be my treasure.

Skärmavbild 2018-03-06 kl. 13.24.55

A good two hours later we got dressed and stopped to kiss and hug all together and two and two. And all together again. Stuart took us by our hands and led us to the corner or the room, hugged us tighter and pointed at the small camera overlooking the room.

”Chris and Charlie – I hope you are pleased with our afternoon show. Thanks again for letting us use your house today. We will come back.”

Mr X started laughing and I giggled as I blushed. We had no idea the owners of the house were watching us. It gave the afternoon session an extra lift. And a few more fantasies starting playing in my naughty mind.

/hugs from me,

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 

How hard can it be? To have a hard on…

Stella and Stuart met for lunch before they had a session with Thelma. Yes, they had postponed the session for a few weeks and they were eager to get their heads around the learning that was luring from them since their last sex date at the hotel.

The sex date with an extra man. A tall man. An athletic man. With a decent cock head and cock size. Or that was at least what had been communicated through pictures and chatting before the undressed date.

Stuart ordered lunch for them both, and Stella took a table in the far end of the café near the square. The room was not crowded, but Stella wanted to talk about explicit details with Stuart so she wanted some privacy. For that reason the far end was perfect. She sat down in the sofa in her short skirt and the new stockings that was a Christmas gift from Stuart. She smiled as she remembered the holidays around Christmas and New Years. Plenty of horniness and plenty of oral sex. Teasing each other during the days and eating each other during the nights. Hungrily.

Stuart sat down in the sofa too and smiled at Stella. He put a curl of her hair behind her ear, a gesture he made at least once a day. And then he rested his hand on her thigh, just by the skirt. He even slid a few fingers up under the skirt, only his thumb and index finger were visible.

”- Alright, I´ll start”, said Stella. ”We need to talk about all our sex dates where other men have been involved. Both the ones where we have had an extra man with the two of us, and also when we have met couples. I believe we have things to learn from all of them. And it is painful to talk about this for me, because it makes me feel so rejected. Not by you, but by the other men. They are all so chatty and proud of their cock-sizes and confident that they are excellent lovers. Or at least that is the picture they are trying to persuade us to believe. And when we get to the moment of sex and you get all excited about having two women in the room when we are with a couple, it seems as if the other man has a really hard time. A hard time getting a hard on and a turn on. Am I really not hot at all? My last question is a new one. It just dawned on me that they have all written in their profiles or while chatting that they are so good giving oral sex. Is that a way to get around not getting a hard on? I am not ok with that. I want to be a pillow princess with access to hard cocks. ”

Stella blinked as tears filled her eyes. She was not planning on crying here. She wasn’t even sad. Just angry. With the other men. With Stuart and with herself.

A waitress came along with their lunches and they ate a while in silence. Stuart was trying to find the right words, but then he just gave in and spoke the ones that came to him.

” – I believe they are scared of your confidence. That you seem to know what you want. That you have high standards and that they are afraid they might not even make it near them. We must learn more from this. I know now that I will never again make a move to penetrate another woman until the other man has proven to me and you that he is hard and willing to fuck you, if you want him of course. I will not leave you alone like that when we meet other couples or more people.” 

Stuart looked towards the door as a group of men entered and sat down not too far away from their table. They were a mixed group, maybe colleagues or other friendship between them, he pondered. Some in their late thirties, and at least one of them closer to 60. All fit and well built. And all of them laughing. He felt happier taking in their laughter and continued talking to Stella.

”- And this last event with the extra man, I don’t know why we were even trying so long for. I kept telling you to go for his cock and suck him so that he would get a hard on, so you would experience two big cocks. A wish that we both have. I want to see you in that pleasure. I feel both awful and helpless for not yet having fulfilled that wish for you. We have tried with a few, extra, single men and non of them has arisen to the moment. And by God you have been tremendously hot on all occasions. They have all praised you for your delicious curves, and looks, and for your beautiful body. Yet not being able to produce any kind of erect and hard cocks. I believe that we need to make an earlier move. Like if the extra men cannot get a hard on when they are near you, then you shouldn’t even have to get naked, we should thank them and dismiss them earlier. That is what I believe and the strategy we need to establish.”

Stuarts hand had slid all the way up under the skirt while he was talking. It had gone up and down the thigh, stroking the inside and the front. It had also hitched the skirt higher and higher up. Leaving the crotchless stockings in full view from the table of men near by.

Stella had hardly been listening as she had seen what had happened. She heard Stuarts words, but she didn’t listen. Yet she heard it all. At the same time she held eye contact with 6 men around the near by table. Meeting their eyes one at a time. And they did not look away. They met her gaze, looked at her body, and saw everything that happened under the table as Stuart was stroking her thigh. She was wearing both crotchless stockings as well as crotchless panties. Both a gift from Stuart of course. And their routine after a session at Thelmas the first Friday every month was to stay at a specific hotel bar on the way home, having sex in the bathroom, so this outfit was for him. Now though, the outfit was for these men too.

Stella moved her left thigh closer to Stuart and he responded by letting his fingers slide down to her swollen lips. He carefully tugged and pulled the lips and spread them apart. Making sure he took his time before he let one of his finger inside her. Stella kept eye contact with all the men. And smiled. They all smiled back and nodded approval towards them both. Stuart slid his finger out from the pussy and up over the clitoris head, kissed Stella and walked over to the table near by. Left his business card with the oldest member of the team of men, then nodded to Stella. It was time to go to Thelma for their session.

On the back of the card was a handwritten note. An address for a hotel. And a time.
The team of men had precisely 3 hours before the invitation commenced.

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 


An extra man

”We are sexting with a man. A man with an open mind. A man who think we are a very hot couple. I keep an open mind too. He asks us for inspiration before our upcoming sex date. I send him some of the pictures below. He had to take the rest of the day off work. Couldn’t focus ;-). I wonder what would have happened had I dared to send a few more pictures. Pictures of the men also enjoying each others bodies?

See you next month Thelma, 
all the best,

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 


A date at the movies…mmf/mfm

”A date night at the movies is suggested, a second meeting with this man. And all I feel like is going naked. I want to feel Stuarts hands on my body and his. 
I also want to feel my hands on his body together with Stuarts. Yes, the third option too. My hands and his hands on Stuarts body. 

In the darkness of the movie. Could we make this happen? 
I know I can wear a short skirt, but as it is cold and chilly, can I ask them to wear shorts?


Stella sends me this picture below and I have to share it on my Tumblr too. And her story above of course. Her story from an email I just received.

Skärmavbild 2018-11-21 kl. 13.25.51

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 


To be a queen or not to be a queen

Stella and Stuart arrived a few minutes early to their session. I had left the door open to them and gone to the kitchen. I saw them come in through the door, he took her coat and put it on a hanger for her. She took his face in her hands and kissed him gently as a thank you. As they walked to the sofa they held hands. They hadn’t noticed me. And yet they were all quiet and still together. A calmness around them that was new to me. It intrigued me and made me hurry up with the glasses and a jug of cold water. 

As we said our hello and hugged for a moment I could also sense the calmness. Which made me jump right into the conversation. 

”- So who wants to start telling me what is happening in your lives at the moment? I can both see and feel a new sensation of calmness around you. Tell me what decisions you have made these past days or weeks.” I leaned back into my chair as Stella started to speak.

”- Oh, nothing of importance really, I´d say.” Stella was a bit hesitant. Last time we hade a session, it was only her and me present. Not Stuart. She bit her lip and fiddled with her wedding ring. 
Stuart broke the short silence instead.
”- Oh, come on, Stella. A lot has happened.  I believe that these past 4 weeks have been a huge learning phase for us. For each of us as individuals, and for us and we, as a team. We have had a few experiences that we should tell you about I guess”, he added. ”First we decided upon going to a sex party here in the city. It was organized by a few people whom we have met briefly at a club once and they were keen to have us as guests at this masquerade with +80 guests. Then we also decided to ask our friend Jessica, our unicorn, to come along. Everyone was keen to do so.  As we got nearer to the actual party date, Jessica asked for a lunch date on her own with Stella. So that they could talk about costumes etc. What really happened was that Jessica was nervous that things hadn´t ended well last time, so she wanted to see if everything was ok between her and Stella. Which I thought was perfect because Stella has had an issue with Jessica since last time. At the lunch date it turned out that they very briefly touched that subject. And then spent time sharing photos and ideas for the costumes that Stella was going to make.” Stuart moved closer to Stella and took a pause. 

”-When I was sitting there in the restaurant I had no feelings at all inside me. Not a single thing to give me any information from within. It was not like I was numb to feelings. They were not just there at all. A signal I read as a ”go ahead”-signal. ”Let’s go ahead with the costumes and the other preparations for the party.” So I did. I had a week of joy and felt really happy to make all three costumes. I sent pictures of the progress. I was really in a good mood. Maybe because Jessica had an idea that I would dress like the queen and she and Stuart as my slaves. So we did. Other guests admired us and I felt safe and secure as the queen. I left Jessica alone with Stuart upon arrival as I had to go to the ladies room. I felt nothing but brave and happy seeing them hug. Seeing Stuart holding on to Jessica as she appeared to be a bit shy. It was more an act of kindness and generosity from me to her.” She stopped and looked at Stuart. 

He continued. 
”- I could see the love in your eyes towards us both.It made me happy, just as the week had. It made me feel like I was your king, not your slave.When you returned to us and we found the little sofa it felt so nice to have you in the middle of us, your slaves on each side. You were the most beautiful woman in the room. I felt like we were all three of us really magnificent together. As we started touching each other and kissing each other, things started to heat up.Jessica was first to start moaning. Then I remember you asked me if I wanted to sit in the middle. I don’t know why I didn’t jump at your question and made it happen. ”

”- Shortly after I asked you that question, Jessica leaned over and looked at your erection. Telling me that someone needs to sit on it. My response was ”No, not yet.”, but Jessica would not listen. She kept asking me a few more times, then she started to move towards you. She asked you to get a condom and off you went. She sat down on your place in the sofa and asked me again if she could ride you and why I couldn’t let her be penetrated by you. She would just like to sit on your cock she said. She was nowhere near listening to me. The only thing she sensed was that I was not ok with it at the moment. And she barely promised that she would ride you for a short while. So when you came back with the condom already on, I held on to you and told you too that this was only going to happen for a very short while. Before you had a chance to respond I was kissing you, holding you tight and she mounted the cock. 
At that moment everything went dead. Inside me. Nothing felt erotic or sexy or a tiny bit exciting. Just a big, fucking nothingness inside me. Not even a sting of jealousy.
Then an anger appeared – I had used my voice. I had said NO. Yet here we were. And I didn’t like it. You felt it and I have no clue if Jessica did. She rode you shortly, and then left to meet up with the guy next to us. A new friend of ours. Thank god he was there to take care of her horniness the rest of the evening. The three of us got together two more times during the party. And the first time I spoke and told Jessica of my fears. But I didn’t tell her of my anger of her not accepting my NO, nor did I tell her about my experience of the nothingness. 

Looking back at the party and all preparations before and everything. I am really happy we went, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss all of this. My only regret is that I was not listened to. And that situation needs to be talked about before we can even plan a new undressed date. I am not ok with meeting her if she cannot listen and accept others. Everybody else at the party know that it is the slowest person you need to wait upon. You cannot rush sex. Yet she did. And the saddest thing might be that she is totally unaware of this. Not at all intelligent in relations between persons.” Stella looks at me and asks:
”- Jessica is constantly showing up in my thoughts, and I have not invited her to come. I do not want her there cause she takes so much energy from me. Energy I want to use for me and us, the we, me and Stuart. I am trying to ”park” her somewhere around the corner in my mind so that she will not pop up. But it is so hard. Please Thelma, help me with some good advice on this.”

Stuart is hugging Stella close as she leans back into his arms. He is strong and at the same time perplexed. I can see that he believes that the best he can do is hug Stella and make her feel safe that way. He seems like he hasn’t got a clue what to say and when. I decide that my advice will include them both.

The advice for Stella is to write about everything that has happened. Also to keep writing whenever Jessica comes visiting her thoughts. Write it down as a way to ”park” her out of her system.
The advice for Stuart is twofold –
1. to let Stella know that he can see and hear that she is in a difficult situation that is tough for her while still using the hugs as a way to calm Stella´s nervous system.
2. to give Stella new experiences and memories that themselves take place in her system and thereby eases the grip of the amount of thoughts of Jessica that can show up. 

My last advice is to them both. 
Plan a meeting or a dinner with Jessica within three months. Not sooner than 2 months nor later than 3 months. Create a distance to the event, yet not too far away. 

I bid them goodbye and leave for the kitchen. Again leaving them on their own a while before leaving my session. I believe that the calmness they came with can return to them while I leave them. Seeing them through the doorway a few minutes later, I can sense their calmness returning. Slowly.



No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 


worst and best case scenarios

Stella was stuck in her negative spiraling thoughts and came to see me on her own.

She tells me this:
”I cry a lot now a days, we have lots of sex and I really do believe Stuart loves me more than ever and deeper then he actually realizes. Yet, I am so scared that he will leave me. That I will be alone and unwanted. That I will not belong in his loving community.”

She takes a pause and starts over again, fixing her eyes upon mine.

”And I have a really hard time not being stressed out by the fact that he wants more women to have sex with. It sometimes feels like I should just go against my own body and mind, and let him have his way. Set up a few dates with some unicorns and let him lick as much pussy as he wants. And that they all play with his cock as I kiss him. Tears will surely be rolling down my face as I do this. You see? It feels like a big black hole inside me just waiting to eat me up and pull me down. And I am not yet ready to die. To leave this.

I want to be able to give him what he wants, mostly because I believe that I will loose him if I do otherwise. Or that is what my brain tells me anyway. And I believe it. 

It seems like I am wired to always go deep down amygdala searching for the worst case scenario. Which might even be that if I give Stuart exactly what he wants among other women, that he will still leave me. I cannot live with these stupid thoughts and fears in my life anymore. I am so angry at Stuart and at myself.”

I can feel that Stella is very tense and stressed about the whole situation. Both talking about it as well as, feeling it to be true, and also in a way knowing it isn’t but still being angry with herself for acting in this way. Leaning closer to her I ask her to tell me of the best case scenarios that will occur if she will do what she thinks Stuart wishes.

”In the best case scenarios I will have access to my voice, not being afraid of saying what I want to happen, not being afraid of asking to be a part, not being afraid of taking as much as I want from Stuart, not being afraid to push the greedy ones out of the room, not being afraid sharing Stuart with the ones I like, with the ones that he like, not being afraid of being left out of the play and pleasure.

In the best case scenario I too will feel pleasure. I too will be able to be in my body without a stress respons of freeze (I don’t experience flight nor fright in our sex adventures this far). I too will have a good time.

And I will be in no doubt that Stuart is in love with me. That I am the woman he wants more of. That I am the only woman he wants to share his life with.”

I ask her more:
”So how do thinking of these best case scenarios make you feel Stella?”

She answers in a slow voice and tone.

”Like I want to cry for being so rude and mean to myself. And I really want to be able to let go of this downward spiral. I want to believe with every cell of my body that the best case scenario or at least the last part about Stuart loving only me will be true. I am not there yet. Maybe this will come with time or a might need a few more sessions with you to embody these new beliefs that I want to have. Replace the ones I do have with new ones. Can we do that? Schedule a few sessions for me?”

She opens her calendar on her phone, but before we search for a new time to meet, she shows me the latest picture that Stuart sexted to her while she sat here with me.


The words that follow along with the picture are:
Let this luscious ass be mine tonight. I will treasure it with my big cock.

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 

Anxiety is excitement without breath

”Is it really so?
Could it really be that simple?
So next time I get a notion that my anxiety is on its way to conquer me, to take over. 
Is it really so simple that as I breathe more consciously and tell myself ”I am excited” it will all be better, feel better?
Is it really so?

Thelma, please let me know what your perspective is on this….



Dear Stella,

Thank you for your question. And yes, breathing is one way to calm your nervous system. So is ”over-riding” the amygdala by announcing that it is excitement that you feel. Not anxiety. Do not let the amygdala ( ie your thoughts) rule what you believe.

I am sure you will find a chance to practice this during the summer, and if you want to we can bring it up again in the autumn, when we are back at our sessions?

All the best and kisses and hugs to you too,


”so purrfect” said Peaches

Who is Peaches I wondered as I opened the message I just received. The above words were all I saw on my screen on my phone….

Then this opened up my understanding:

”so purrfect”, said Peaches. Yes, that is my nickname for Stella this weekend. I am mr Cream and she is Peaches. And we feel both so blissed and happy that last night went as well as we hoped it too. B was keen to learn and please Peaches and she loved my big cock. Peaches got a bit bored at that time. B was enjoying herself so much riding me and yes, I got a bit bored when Peaches was on her back and B was licking her. So for next time we have agreed that we need to help each other move to next scenario when one of us feel bored or a bit left out. But apart from that we are very happy and feel lucky to have met B. She is the best kisser we have met so far and she was keen to help herself to pleasure herself as well as please and tease us. I particularly enjoyed the cock sucking from them both at the same time. So yes, so purrfect”. xoxo S & S

My smile grew and I giggled. Remembering their beaming faces from our session the other day. I really hoped that Stella had been able to communicate all that she wanted to B. And I was happy to understand that they all three want to meet again, as I read it in between the sentences above.

Another message on my phone.

”Thelma, I did it! I managed to make B understand that I was in charge, that we all had to agree and that I would invite her. And it worked perfect. Did Stuart mention that she is a very good kisser? And, yes, we will meet again in the summer. Looking forward already! Thanks for your trust in us at our last session, it meant a lot! Big hugs, Stella…..hihi couldn’t resist adding this pic from when Stuart and I woke up at the hotel ;-)”

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 

a sex-lesson for Stella & B

Stuart was beaming towards me as we sat down for a drink on the roof-top bar where they wanted to meet me. Stella was at the bar with our orders for some cold drinks.

I was happy to get out of my office and enjoy the sunshine with these two. And I must admit that I was very curious to what they were about to tell me.

”-So, Stella said as she came back followed by a waitor with our drinks on a tray, we just had to meet you here as we are about to meet someone else here in a few hours. We will meet our new friend, B. A woman that I found on Tumblr. And we started to talk with each other and then I invited Stuart into the conversation and one thing led to another. We had coffee a month back and then decided that we would meet again. Today, tonight. With our minds set for an undressed date at a hotel. But first drinks here. In this exact place. And as I am so curious and yet nervous as usual, I wanted to meet with you to see if talking about tonight before we meet B will help us have a better experience later.”

Whoops, not something I was prepared for as the last time we spoke they had only foursomes on their minds. But still, as I saw it this was precisely a step that they needed to explore. And in my opinion it was a good thing that Stella was the one who had hooked up with B. I told them so. Which got Stuart splurging out in his beaming and happy mode.

”- I am really thrilled about this, he said, I look forward to some really hot, erotic and sexy moments tonight. And I am also aware that drinks might be the only thing that will happen. Or that the ladies might have some sex and I will help them…the latter is of course what I aim for. But Stella will be in charge tonight which I believe is the way to go to make this as successful as it can be. Stella wants to experience a threesome with all hands on deck, as in all of us on each other and not just two women on me. Which I wouldn’t mind. But is not what I hope for tonight actually. My aim for tonight is to help Stella and B to get comfortable with each other and to teach them all I know abut cunnilingus and breast stimulation and kissing. I will try to be as persistent as possible with them both. The thought of me sharing a pussy with another woman, taking turns teasing and pleasing one of them at a time is a great turn on for me already. 

Skärmavbild 2018-06-09 kl. 13.11.34

I look forward to have my cock teased and pleased by them both at the same time. We have spoken about that in the chat. And Stella is keen to invite B to share the cock sucking. Stella, the invitation part is important for you, tell Thelma what you have in mind!”

Stella moves out of the sun for a while and leans towards me as she starts telling me about how she wants B to feel invited.

”- It all actually started so nice at our first coffee. B said that she felt a sting in her as she was not ready to hug another man that was already ”taken”. I immediately approached her then and hugged her, told her not to worry and added that I would be the one in charge inviting her to share Stuart with me when the time came. As of today I really look forward to Stuart´s plan with his sex-lessons in cunnilingus. I also look forward to share Stuart´s cock when sucking him. And maybe, hopefully, we end up in a three-some with B licking me, Stuart licking B and me deep throating Stuart. 

Anyway, the invitation has gotten clearer this week, it means in some way that B cannot overstep me at any time. I must feel totally safe with her before inviting her to Stuart. I need to tell her about this and am at this moment trying to test HOW to ask her of this. Is it ok if I try it on you Thelma?”

I nod my approval of course, what else can I do. Stella touches Stuart and he moves closer to her and urges her to go on. She talks to me as if I was their unicorn who desired them both and wanting to have a threesome with them.

” Thelma, I want you to know that I am excited abut what might happen. Excited and a bit nervous. And I would like to express a few things about how I want to proceed at the hotel. 

  1. I need to start back to when we had coffee and you mentioned the ting in you as you did not want to ”take” Stuart from me. I thank you for that. It was one of the points that made me say yes to this in the first place. Which is also why
  2. I want to invite you to share Stuart with me tonight. what I mean by sharing is that I will invite you to the different scenarios of pleasure that I hope will occur. I want eye contact between you and me before any action is taken. I want to make sure you know when it is ok for me and us to proceed. I want you to know that you can make any move towards me, and I will let you know when you can ask Stuart to make a move toward him. 
  3. It also means that if you regret the part of female sex, or don’t want to do that part any more, let me have a breather to feel if I am ready to share Stuart in another way with you. I am firstly here for an ”all on all” moment. Not a two women on a man moment. That part is not on top of my list for tonight. 

Just talking about this make the butterflies in my tummy flutter….I tell myself – ”Stella you are excited!”. Thelma, is this a way that I can express any of this tonight or do have any suggestions to how shall I phrase myself?”

Skärmavbild 2018-06-09 kl. 13.12.02

My reply to them both, and firstly directed at Stella is to confirm them that I have heard them both. Understood them. Wanting them not to overthink the events tonight. And supporting Stella in her need to express her needs. As the words will come out of her their importance will be heard and at the same time their importance will lessen. Her pleasure and her ability to be present to perceive pleasure will become more important. And yes, of course she will be happy and pleased to watch Stuart please and be pleased.

As I thank them for the drink and their initiative to meet here instead of at the usual place, I pick up a signal of energies from across the bar. Someone is sending out a signal to me. A direct signal of sexual interest, of desire. And I indulge in it. Letting me be desired by this source. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel powerful. And I know that when I tell mr S about this, he will smile and tell me how much he loves it when I dazzle people.

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 

feedback or stabbed in the back

knife stab kill

My last couple that I was waiting to hear from is Stella and Stuart. And funny enough we ran into each other just the other day on the bus. So I got the chance to briefly connect with them and what their life is about at the moment. This is what I will share with you.

”Thelma, you do remember of our best couple so far, right? We are in the middle of a process with a new couple and we are so eager to make this work. But we have had a funny feeling regarding the woman – and we haven’t been able to figure out what about her that makes us hesitate. So we asked her if she was keen on Stuart and/or Stella. Like turning the question around, and searching for an answer not within us….but putting the ”blame” on her instead.

Skärmavbild 2018-05-29 kl. 19.45.11.png

We got so much feedback from her, more than we hoped for. It both felt like getting stabbed in the back, cause she could see straight through us, and like feedback. Or it will turn into feedback once we have spent some time in her words.

She pointed right back at us. And yes, she is correct, it is us that have issues with her. And yes, we are super exited about her hot husband whom we both are keen to kiss and play with. And for Stella to play some more with. Like in the picture above.
Of course, she spotted that so easy. And we feel really ashamed. Ashamed that we didn’t dare tell them about that.

She also very precisely pointed out that we could by no means tell her and her husband that we are not as keen on her as we are on her husband because then they might have pulled away. And yes, that was our fear. Gah, it is awful having her showing us all this. And yet we feel grateful because we are learning a lot about ourselves.

So even though we at the times we’ve met for drinks have tried to be more with her than her husband, she has seen straight through us. And our petty little act of trying to put it on her – was just us stabbing ourselves in the back.

Thanks to this woman, we have learned a lot about ourselves and also stabbed ourselves in the back. And we know realize that. It is a hard and tumbling lesson to learn though.

If we will meet them again? We are at the moment not sure. We hope so, cause the man seems like such a treasure and the woman is awesome…she just makes us both very nervous. Especially now as we feel that she can see right through us. But yeah, we guess we have to try for it anyway. How they reply to this is what we will have to wait and see.”

A smile on my face as I recognize both their feelings as being spotted as whom they actually are and also a smile because I know how this woman must feel like. I also share her gifts of hit the nail on the head.

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters.