Long time no see…

….as we still are sailing and pirating the seven seas.
I do promise to tell you all our juicy details once we get back into the home harbour and get some rest. For now though, keep practising your patience, flirt with the love of your life and make love like you never done before. Like you mean it every time. 

Just one more sea to dip my toes in before we head back to harbour…..


the Tantric Priestess


Nervously, he went to see the Tantric Priestess to find out the secrets of being a better lover.

”what do I need to do to make my woman happy?“ he asked,” Teach me the techniques.”

”there is no technique”, she replied, scooping some bright green tea leaves like blades of dried grass and dropping them into a tiny clay pot, ”no technique that is greater than understanding the lover’s attitude.”

She poured boiling water over the leaves, releasing an aroma of freshly-mown grass. ”Sencha tea”, she explained.

”And what exactly is the lover’s attitude?“ he asked, barely concealing his disappointment to not be given some solid methods and step-by-step instructions.

She swirled the tea around in the pot in a leisurely manner, as if awakening the leaves.

She mindfully placed the pot down, and poured the clear green liquid into two small bowl-like cups.

She slid one tiny bowl over the table top to him and raised her sparkling eyes to his.

”With these hands,” she said, lifting her elegantly long-fingered palms before him, ”I reach out to touch the places in you that have been hurt and shriveled up like a leaf closing to the harsh winds.”

She touched his cheek with a gentleness that seemed to penetrate right in to his depths. He felt immediately vulnerable. In a beautiful way. Seen. Exposed. Touched.

Looking into his eyes as she lightly caressed his cheek she said: ”I use my hands to sooth the parts of you that were once shamed or wronged.” it was as if she were pouring love straight into his body and heart. It was kind of scary, but at the same time his whole being thirsted for this.

She held her hand in stillness, cupping his cheek… ”I use these hands to hold you in all of the places in which you have been dropped so that you may gradually rebuild trust in life again.”

And as I look at you I see you fully… I see both aspects of your being.

I see your soul. Vast, complete and perfect. Life force in its fullness as it runs through you. The divinity that you are.

Yet I also see your humanity. All the wounds and scars that life gave you. I see all the constricted parts that don’t let the life force flow through with ease. I see the defences that armor your being.

I see them without judgment…for I understand how they came to be there. And I can only have compassion as I know that life has hurt you when you were vulnerable.

And I offer these hands to touch those places. I offer these hands to soften the armor, and caress the scars. My hands dance over you to free up your life force and let it safe for you to feel again, safe for you to be alive.

With my touch I gently release the constrictions that have made this body too small for that bright soul of yours. I do not fix… I only love. I love the very places you have feared to love yourself.”

She placed her hand on his hand. An innocent gesture, and yet he felt so very…touched.

He gulped a little and paused to sip his tea.

After a few sips, she refilled both cups, and then she started to caress one of her own hands with the other. Somehow her movements were mesmerizing.

” My hands are here to heal through pleasure.” she continued.

”It’s not me doing pleasure TO you. The pleasure is yours- I simply witness it with my hands. I dance with it. I celebrate it with my touch.

And if you can receive, then healing happens.

All that gets healed is not really you anyway. It is the result of what was done to you, but it’s not you. You are perfect and whole and complete. You are the soul that is eternally bright. My hands caress away the pain body, to reveal the sparkling diamond of your soul.”

She pauses to sip tea, without her taking her eyes off his. Wordless, he follows suit, not sure what to say. The tea feels warm and comforting as it slips down his throat.

”Never mind the technique,” she says,” for now just develop the attitude of the lover. The attitude itself will teach you the techniques.”

She clinks her little cup against his. They drain their last drops.

He is utterly transformed. He had walked into the Shakti Temple ready to pick up a few tricks. But he left feeling ready to touch another soul.

~ Shashi Solluna 

None of the words above written by me. When reading them I had no other way than to share them with you. Uncensored. Pure. As the energy they bring you.
May you be transformed every day too.

Sexbloggare som vågar?

In english further down….

Thelma blir lite röd om kinderna och undrar lite nervöst för sig själv om någon som hon känner kommer att förstå att detta är hon. Tänk om denna sida inte är så hemlig längre…nu när den hamnat på en lista över topp 20 i Sverige. Som nummer 9.

Liws lust har skapat en sida med sina topp 20- sex bloggar och att hamna där var oväntat, men ändå lite häftigt. Det känns som en spark åt rätt håll.
Sparken som gör att  Thelma en dag faktiskt kommer att skriva de där novellerna. Som att det redan nu i sommar kanske är dags att skicka in ett första utkast till Lusthusets förlag?

Tack för placeringen Liw och hmmm, kanske blir det fler svenska inlägg….


Blushing cheeks, and nervously pondering if this will be the end of anonymity. Will this home of Thelmas´not be so secret anymore? Finding herself as no 9 on a sit of the top 20 bloggers of sex in Sweden doesn’t happen every day.

Liwslust.se published a list the other day with her top 20 sex bloggers and Thelma found herself at no 9. Maybe this is just what Thelma needs. To start writing those novels filled with erotica, lust, sex and…..
Like maybe this is just what Thelma needs to finally send in that first draft to the publishers?

A big kiss and thank you to Liw and yes, I will keep writing in English, and perhaps a few more in Swedish 😉




the Hotwife….the 180 turn!

Part 1 and Part 2 to be read if you haven’t done so already!

On our knees, me and Anette, in this house, with our husbands. Only we were not with Anette´s husband. Only with mine. My naked husband with the huge erection.

We took turns working our oral skills on his erection as one of us removed one garment at a time from the other´s body.  As I removed Anette´s bra I gently nibbled at her nipples. A teasingly bite, just to explore if that turned her on as it does on me. Yes, a shiver through her body.

I placed her now naked body on the bed. Lying on her back she looked at me and my darling. We were kissing and he was behind me, playing with my breasts and urging me to move forward to Anettes body. So we did, in a joint motion we came close to her. Both of us standing on all four above her. Touching her body with our lips ans tongues. It was now our turn to share her body, and her pussy. We kissed and caressed her body in between us. Stopping once in a while to kiss or watch the other. Slowly moving towards her pussy. Our tongues met as they were swirling against the top of her clitoris. Our lips pulled each of her outer labias at the same time and we were looking at each other almost all of the time. Like Anette really wasn’t there, but just us two and this female body.

As we came to a stop we rose up and started to kiss each other, hugging close, hands and fingers exploring all parts of these familiar bodies, but now in a more hungrily way than before. A touch of pleasure as Anette had moved underneath us and was now using her mouth, lips and tongue to pleasure me. I moaned and saw that one of her hands were working on my husbands erection. She looked up at me as a way of asking if it was ok, should she continue with pleasuring us both. I nodded towards her and kissed my man hungrily again.

A sharp knock on the door and in came Jaan. Along with some of the other members of the club. They casually sat down on the sofa with their drinks and coffees. All except Jaan. He came towards us with a black, rather large bag. He dropped it on the floor next to the bed. Took his jacket off and pulled out a camera from the bag.

The three of us on the bed had come to a stop and were sitting together, naked on the bed. My husband behind me, me leaning on him and between my legs Anette huddled in and we wrapped our arms around each other all three. She looked at me and gave me a kiss. She had seen this bag before. She was not surprised to all the things that Jaan took out. He put some toys, bottles with lubrication and condoms on the bed next to us.

One of the toys made my body shiver. I leaned back to get strength from my husbands breathing as well as to find his mouth to kiss him. And then I whispered in his ear.

”- I see a strap-on. I need to put it on me. I feel a need to fuck Anette with you. Will you join me in this for a while? Than I will definitely need to be well fucked by you. Are you in for that too?”

I moved closer to Anette and kissed her neck as I at the same time watched the expressions on my husbands face. Jaan was taking pictures of it all. Anette was shivering in our arms, trembling and giving slight moans. She was touching me, my breasts, her fingers close to my pussy. She whispered in my ear that she wanted me. That she wanted my body.

I stood up, looked at all the men sitting along the walls in the room. Reached for the strap-on and adjusted it to fit my body. My husband was standing on his knees on the bed. Caressing Anette who had eyes only for me. She lay back on the bed, eyes on me, spreading her legs. Head close to my husband and she asked me if she could suck my husband. I nodded. She asked me if I could please fuck her at the same time. I nodded again and put a condom on the large, pink dildo attached to the strap-on.

She sucked his balls. He pulled his erection. I eased up towards her pussy, and found my way into her pussy with the strap-on like I had done it before. She gazed at me through her half-open eyes asking for more. I pushed myself all the way in. It was beautiful. I could never had imagined that this was an experience I wanted to have. To be fully present. To be fucking another woman. A woman that by now also was sucking my husbands cock.

I asked her to come up on all fours. Standing with her behind towards me and her head towards my husband. Still sucking him , still banged by me. I felt powerful. I felt erotic. The looks on the menus faces around the room told me that this was not a turn they had expected. Jaan was snapping away with the camera as he was sending little words of love and encouragement towards Anette.

My husband removed himself from Anette and came beside me. Anette was facing the men now. I gave my husband a condom and showed him how to share a woman. We took turns, caressing her back, her breasts, her neck, her ass. And we took turns in short periods to bang her from behind. She was arching her back and ass up towards us and it sure was a beautiful sight.

Standing there behind her, together with my husband, I felt waves of emotions coming at me, moving through me, coming back, once, twice and then slowly ebbing off. He looked at me and took me in his arms. Removed the condom from his cock. Removed the strap-on from me. Lay me down on the bed next to Anette who was lying on her side by now. Big, grateful smile on her face. She kissed me. I kissed her back. My husband joined in and again we met all three in a kiss.

Jaan sat down next to Anette. His fingers ran along her back, up and down, rhythmically. My husband pulled me closer to him, we were now lying sideways with my back towards him and he let his big cock enter my pussy. I was being watched by everyone in the room. Except for my husband who likes to close his eyes in this position. Anette still teased and played with me. Touching my breast, nipples, lips, hair and neck. All while I was being fucked by my man.

”- Come ride me, ” he said. And turned to lay on his back. I went down on him first. Swallowed his cock with pussy juice and all. Deep throating. Yet another event the men wasn’t expecting to see. My husband pulled my pussy towards his mouth and we were giving each other oral pleasure for a while.

As I decided to ride him, and I decided to made the scene a bit bigger.
I left the bed. Walked around it in my nakedness. Jaan was saving all of this he kept clicking away with his camera. Zooming in on us both he and Anette stood up next to the bed and all the other men joined in too. I sat down on my husband, ready to ride him and every one started to touch me. Just small touches, but still powerful enough to send burst of energetic orgasmic powers shooting through my body.

Anette joined in behind me. She sat down behind me on my husbands thighs, allowing me to relax and lean to her for comfort. My feet went forward. The men continued to touch me on my arms, shoulders and breasts. My husbands firm hands on my hips, pulling me down onto his cock. Anette helping me relax. Anette´s hand holding on to my pubic mound, gently pushing in the same rhythm as my husband.

Sounds from me and my husband as we were reaching yet another climax. And another. Riding the waves together. As he ejaculated inside me my whole body exploded and I could no longer sense where my body ended and his began.

Seconds later Anette started to shiver behind me. The energies came through to her too. We shivered in synchronicity for what felt like minutes. Her lips close to my ear. Her whispers of gratefulness from her to me. From her to us.


The sexual evening ended somewhere then. We had a few good laughs, a glass of wine and some slow talk before we all left the house. My husband and I in a taxi to the hotel. Some of the others joined Jaan and Anette to their home. But not us. The adventure ended there for us.

Late breakfast Sunday, a last stroll in the neighbourhood around the hotel, morning sex before all of this of course. Our arousal still in the highs. Arriving at the airport. Boarding the flight home.

As I open the glossy airline magazine a familiar face appears. Two actually. Jaan and Anette smiles at us again. They are featured in an article about Jaan´s upcoming photo exhibition. In September. We read it together, smiling and holding hands. My husband reads faster than me and kiss me on my neck, on the exact right spot. You know which one. I shiver in my body as I read the last line where Jaan is explaining that he is finishing off his exhibition with a photo session of his wife exploring lust and sex.


No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 

…the hot wife….continues

As I left the elevator my husband stopped me against the wall and put his hand up under my skirt and pulled my panties down. Put them in his pocket and pulled me along the corridor to our hotel room.

I felt the feeling I had been longing to feel for so long.
I felt wanted, I felt treasured, I felt hot and so damn horny!

The instructions

The sex we had was in no way near enough for us, it just made us more and more horny. Lusting and longing for more eroticism. More naughtiness. We lay on our bed. Naked. Me on my tummy, resting between my husbands legs. My chin and mouth very near his hard on. A signal from my phone and he read it as I stayed put between his legs.

As he read the instructions I felt even more horny and went back to cherishing his beautiful cock. I heard him read out loud, but couldn’t really hear what he said. A few strings of words were all that came through.
An address, instructions of a word to mention to the hostess, that the apartment was ours for three (3) hours, that he, Jaan, would be staying in the library at the apartment. With the other men.

What? Other men? Apartment? What was this place? But not much more information in the instructions. Straight into the shower for us both. Then into the erotic attire that we had treasured ourselves with in some of Amsterdam´s finest erotic boutiques. On the outside? My husband in his black tight jeans and black shirt. Me in a dark blue short dress and probably the highest blue heels I had ever worn. Off into the night in a taxi toward the apartment with 20 mins to go before she would arrive.

The apartment and Anette

The hostess met us on the street outside just as our taxi pulled up along the canal. The house was an ordinary Amsterdam type of house. In the middle of the city. Big windows in the front. And we could see the library on the second floor. We saw lots of men, all dressed in suits, walking around and as if they were mingling.
The hostess knew instantly who we were, as the word was produced, she immediately took us up along the stairs to the third floor. Anette was sitting in the sofa waiting. Still having no idea of her surprise.

A big smile on her face as she saw us and she rose to hug us and told us that she was waiting here for Jaan. That this was his gentleman club and this was the first time she’d been invited. Our hostess let us through another door into an apartment at the top floor of the building. A huge corridor, with at least 4 rooms to left and right and another one at the end of the corridor. Which appeared to be a kitchen as we saw a waitress exiting with a tray. Drinks for us. The hostess took us to the rooms to the left and explained that we had full access to these four rooms and that the rooms to the right were occupied and booked by another couple.

Anette blushed and asked us about Jaan. Had we seen him? And why were we at this club? I don’t know if I will ever know where my courage came from. In that moment, when she asked us, sipping her drink, standing in the first of the four rooms, all in soft, reddish, dark colours, I went very close to her and asked if I could kiss her. She nodded and looked up at me. I kissed her. Pulled her close, ran my fingers through her hair, the other hand along her back. Then felt my husband behind me, having his arms around us both.  I leaned back and kissed him. He leaned forward and kisses Anette. We somehow managed to kiss all three of us at the same time. So erotic.

My dress was off in room one, so was Anette´s, and husband´s shirt. In the next room we managed to tell Anette that we had a wish of a threesome. And that Jaan had set this surprise up for all of us. We hoped that she would stay and participate in all aspects that felt true, real and what she wanted to explore with us. Her reply came in kisses. back to kissing all three of us. Me in the middle. My husband behind me. Anette in front of me.

As we approached the third room dim lights went on and we saw Jaan sitting on a big bed. He was wearing a tuxedo and looked really smart. He smiled as he saw us and kissed his Anette long and lovingly before whispering that he would come back to watch. ”But for now – go on play – explore – dive into eroticism and pleasure, I have som business to do first. I´ll return before you know it. ”
And he was off. Anette who stood close to the bed, sat down and patted for me to sit down beside her. I kneeled before her and took her shoes of. Then urged her to lay further up on the bed. I went behind my husband. Fixed my eyes upon Anette and started to undress my man. My beautiful treasure whom I would share with her tonight. He has the most beautiful cock and a huge hard on, as was the case this evening too.

I kissed him and caressed his naked body. Went down on my knees to suck his cock. Told Anette to come join me in sharing this. I had a firm grip of his shaft and showed clearly how to share, we took turns, and we were both all over his body with our hands. And he was in pure pleasure. Holding his hands upon each of our heads. Making sure we wouldn’t stop sucking and teasing his cock with our tongues and mouths.


To be continued….with more pleasure…just teasing you a bit for now 😉

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 


The Hot wife doing a 180


This, the above pic, was exactly what I thought I was going to experience. What I was hoping for. That my husband would encourage me to set up my account on Ashley Madison. Becoming a Hotwife. His Hotwife. But I was so wrong.

The story I am about to tell you is a few years old. It happened when we still lived in New York. The kids were 8,10 and 12. All of my life was care taking. Of the family. Of the kids. Of the house. Of our social events. Of the relatives. Of holidays.
I desperately needed to be seen as the sex goddess I am. My husband didn’t see me. I was in need for attention and appreciation. And desperately in need for a feeling like the pic above.

Setting up an account as a Hotwife on AM is not difficult at all. Starting dating is not difficult, just a bit of nervousness. The next part, that is when it becomes difficult. Really difficult. When the ghosting starts. When they are too gross. When they cannot flirt with my brain. When they are not what they had described themselves to be. When I feel lonely, when I feel ashamed, when I feel not wanted, not attractive.

That is what happened to me

My husband figured out that something was not right with me and us. So he asked me when we were as we drove to get the kids after one of their mini-camps.
We were sitting in the car on our own for three hours. Plenty of time to talk.
He asked, and asked, and asked. I told hm about how I felt, what I had done and tried and that this was all for him. How I tried to become his Hotwife, taking my first steps on my own. And how it had made me feel the opposite of what I had hoped and aimed for. I showed him the picture. Being totally honest and open with my request that I now felt safe enough to tell him. That I wanted to feel like the woman in the picture. I want a man to have that power over me. Not any man. But him. And how I wanted him to control me. Telling me who to fuck – like I was his Hotwife.

I was so scared when I said these words in the car. I felt vulnerable, transparent and in stress. Would he leave me know or when we got home? That question went through my head and body at least a thousand times per second.
Guess what, he didn’t.
He took me by surprise. He was actually happy that I had tried this on my own.
He was grateful that I opened up to him like this. At that moment I knew things between us could only get better.

The trip to Europe

About a year later, a work trip brings us to Europe. As we arrived in Amsterdam I get a message on kik. Strange….no one of my friend use kik. I had no idea who it was from. And when I opened it I was stressed. And nervous. And excited. I showed the message to my husband. He smiled.

It appeared that my profile on AM still existed. In the European version. And it also contained a kik-profile to me. As we arrived here in Amsterdam we showed up in a new range of people whom hadn’t seen me before. The message? It was from a man. Looking for a lady for his wife. And I had naughtily written Bi-curious on my profile so he found me that way. Nervous, stressed and yes, excited too.

We started chatting on our way to the hotel. We exchanged a few pictures and he was super thrilled to find our that we were actually a couple. He wanted to create a night with sex and pleasures soon as a surprise for his wife if we were up for it. We started to feel like we really wanted to do this both of us. Whatever it turned out to be. We had never really discussed something like this, but when opportunity comes right at you, we couldn’t duck anymore. We said YES, PLEASE!

The work trip started on the Wednesday, we had Thursday to attend work meetings. Then we did a bit of tourist walks and just smiled at each other every time we got the chance. Feeling tremendously naughty. Need I say we had tremendous sex all of Thursday night and Friday morning?

Getting closer

Come Friday lunch. We had arranged for a discreet and secret meeting with the man, Jaan, and his wife, Anette. She was not to know that we had spoken previously. So we kept it a secret. The husband had made reservations at a restaurant – and he managed to make it look like it was a mistake by the staff that we had to share a table, the four of us. And she believed him. We smiled and opened up as the American tourists so she had absolutely no idea who we were. She sat next to me in the sofa and our men in front of each wife. All smiles and exchanging stories of our trip so far, what we liked about Amsterdam and so on. Could they perhaps recommend anything extra, off the tourist path?

The wife had no clue. She was just being very happy, friendly and loving towards her husband and us – as strangers she would never meet again. Or so she thought. My husband and I were turned on by the situation. And by the woman. She had curves, both ass and boobs. Her smile always reached her eyes and we really like that.
Lunch went on and we came to an end. We decided to say good bye and we hugged. I let my hand gently fall along her back as I hugged her close. Letting it linger on her lower back a while. My husband nestled himself in to a hug just as we let go, so for a split second the three of us were hugging. As we hugged Jaan he whispered in our ears that he was very pleased and would send further instructions very soon.

Leaving the restaurant we giggled and kissed. Hungrily for each other. Walking a few steps towards our hotel, then stopping for closeness and snogging. We didn’t care what other people thought when they saw us. We were horny, and wanted each other badly. In the elevator at the hotel I kneeled down and unzipped his trousers and took my husbands big cock head in my mouth. I was soaking wet all through my panties. As I left the elevator my husband stopped me against the wall and put his hand up under my skirt and pulled my panties down. Put them in his pocket and pulled me along the corridor to our hotel room.

I felt the feeling I had been longing to feel for so long.
I felt wanted, I felt treasured, I felt hot and so damn horny!

To be continued….


No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 

…different speed, style and wish…

I had a new couple arriving to my sofa today. They had been urgent and wanting to schedule a meeting as soon as possible. They had given a brief description over email about needing to talk about…

different speed, style and wish

I knew they were into the swinging lifestyle since a few years back. So on my way to work this morning I tuned into an episode from the podcast ”life on the swingset”. I was trying to get some fresh perspectives and ideas by listening to their conversation. Nothing new was really said, but I still felt it was a good way for me to get started today. Before meeting them. Them being Sara and John. A couple with adult kids. But still young, they haven’t reached 50 yet. They met in their twenties and when the kids got older and was in no need of their parents anymore, they started to explore the swinging communities.


She was all smiles as I saw them across the street parking the car. He looked a bit more troubled. They came into my place and sat down in the sofa. As all my clients usually do without any instructions. We said hello and I asked them to tell me more about themselves. These things I do not share with you as they are too personal, but their stories can be shared as long as I do not reveal anything that can tie them to this.

John was the one who started to take the conversation into the underlying issue that brought them to me. He was eager to understand as he felt he needed to understand to be able to find the solution.
That is also a common ”mistake or misunderstanding” that many of my clients share. The thought or idea that if they only understood completely all the facts, then they could see the solution.

I stopped John for a moment and let them sit in silence for a short while as I looked at them, trying to make eye contact a little longer with each of them. A little longer than what you usually do in public. As a way to make them feel seen as well as to make them feel a little more safe and mostly to slow things down.

” – Have you heard of ”difficult conversations”? I asked them. They both shock their heads. ”I will give you the short version of this technique, and I will remind you of it each time we meet until you both feel comfortable using this on your own. 

Start by acknowledging that in each conversation there are at least two persons. 
Move on to recognise that there are three ”levels” in each conversation. And that these ”levels” are or can be different for each of the persons. 
The ”levels” are FACTS, FEELINGS and IDENTITY. So when you start to recognise that every time you are talking about something, and that could really be anything, all these ”levels” are present for each person involved. The ”levels” might be different in each conversation and the balance between them might shift. But be aware that they always are present. ”

John looked puzzled and the smile on Sara´s lips was not so prominent anymore.

”- So, what you are saying is making it even more difficult for me to understand the problem”, John started. ”My previous understanding as we booked this session and wanted to come here was that we perceive a huge difference in our swinging styles, and in our sexual speed and also a difference in our wishes. Which sometime makes it difficult for us to say a truthful yes or no. And now – if what you say is true, and I don’t doubt that – we have quite a lot of work to do. It feels both good and bad right now. ”

John pauses and turns to Sara. She still hasn’t said much and I would like to hear more from her. Then John talks to Sara.

”- Honey, this makes me realise that we, or I, need to take a break from swinging until we have tried what Thelma suggests here today. I would like for us to commit to coming here regularly each week for at least a few months to let me get my head around this some more. And for this to ”land” inside me. What do you think?”

”- I hear you. She says. I hear what you wish and it will be ok with me. I am totally happy to leave all of the swinging behind us if you want to. It is not important in that sense to me. You are. We are. I am with you in this one. So let us take on this challenge, as I think it will be, and see where it will take us.”

She turns to me and gets all practical, bringing up suggestions for a time and day that they can come to my sofa regularly each week. We agree upon Thursday mornings and book 8 sessions.

Their first homework?
To each of them reflect upon their original question. From the point of it being a difficult conversation. What does John think are the facts, and what does Sara think are the facts, and what do they think that the other one think are the facts?
Then do the same with what feelings are present within themselves, and what they think are present within the other.
Last but not least, what in this ”….differences in style, speed and wish…” is questioning their identity, as well as what they think the other persons identity is being questioned.

A last reminder that no, nothing of this might seem rational or logical, but regardless of that – explore and sense what you both can perceive. Make notes about this and bring it back to the session on Thursday – where we together will take a dive into their findings.

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 



early weekend morning fantasies

An arm reaching out for me. Hands on my body. Whispers in my ear. Whisperings of a fantasy of inviting the third person to bed with us. This time the man. A chosen man. The whispering continues as the hands touch all corners and curves of my body. We make out. A lot. I love it. Tongues deep into each other. Suddenly you are on your knees showing your big erection asking me to suck you.

Of course, I love sucking you’re cock. At the same time you keep telling me the fantasy. Inviting the chosen man into this sex right now. I can feel him too. If I close my eyes we are all there. The three of us. Making out. Sucking cocks. Licking pussy. Pinching nipples.

Touching and teasing.

Asking for penetration the fantasy continues. Not of just one cock, but of two. Sucking one, fucking one. Taking turns. And then suddenly all relaxed and open and you my darling spread my legs. Wide open. Both of you enter me. Slowly and teasingly at first, letting me feel all sensations like in slow-motion. Then I increase my rhythm to meet you both. I am in your arms. And in the chosen man’s arms.

I feel safe. I feel treasured. I am pleasure!

After my energetic full body orgasms – I open my eyes and kiss you. I thank you for inviting mr chosen to this morning. It feels really good to start doing a threesome like this where you are in charge whispering and taking commands of positions. And this weekend it actually feels like we have had a threesome every morning.

So this fantasy….it soon needs to be taken into reality. It is a wish of mine now.



Am I looking for an affair?


The question seemed absurd when it came in a private message. Directed to me. Was I the woman from Ashley Madison looking for an affair?

No, I am not. Not on Ashley Madison. Not looking for an affair. I am here. With my love, Mr S. Not interested in playing on my own. Only intrigued to play with him and others.

Private messages on different places. Email. Kik. Instagram. Wordfeud. And other places. Yes, sometimes (the first time) I usually smile – nice to be seen and appreciated. But then the questions and conversation takes different routes and twists which I didn’t ask for at all. So I wave them off with a good bye and good luck elsewhere.

But who is going to ”heal” these persons?
No, it is not my task. But the world need them to be healed and seen and loved.
Who will do it? And why do they believe the answer lies in having an affair with a married woman?

No, I am not looking for an affair.

I am looking to enhance pleasure. My pleasure.

Stella´s story of the threesome

The e-mail below I found hidden away in my spam folder. An old message from Stella to me. I now know that Stella and Stuart have been in that house a few times more. Where more daring fantasies have taken place. 

I hope you will enjoy this story of Stella´s as much as me. 

”Bye girls, see you next week!”  I shouted as I left the weekly dance class heading for the door. I had just read the message from Stuart saying he was picking me up in the car and was waiting eagerly outside the entrance. His message ended – ”I hope you haven’t changed from your dance attires, let me help you undress…”

I took the stairs with half the amount of steps needed in the highest heels I could dance in, and pulled my coat around my body as I walked passed the young boy in the reception. He did not need to know that I was only half-dressed.

Outside it was still a bit chilly and icy on the ground.  I carefully looked down to see where to place my feet so I wouldn´t slip on my way to the car. I met Stuarts eyes through the glass of the passenger seat´s door before I opened it and jumped in. He pulled me close and kissed me.

”Thanks for picking me up.” I said and buckled up. As my left hand put the seatbelt into the slot, my hand was caressed by someone else. Someone sitting in the seat right behind me. Mr X. He kept his fingers on my hand and then all along my sleeve up to my neck and hair. Pulled his fingers through my hair and gently placed a kiss on my neck. And another one.

Stuart drove us out of town. I understood where he was taking me. Us. All three of us. And I had no idea this was going to happen today. I had been saying it was time for us to meet an extra man, but like this – I was not prepared, and yet I was as prepared as I could be. In less then 10 minutes we parked on the drive way and walked up to the house. Not our house. Just a house that we had the opportunity to use for dates like these. And the owners had left it in our hands just because they wanted us to explore more.

Holding on to one man in each hand I stepped out of the car, let my coat open itself up as the wind touched my body and we walked to the house. Stuart unlocked and I was kissed by mr X as we waited. My coat was thrown off right inside the door. Stuart took my hand and pulled me towards him. His hands all over me and he kissed me deep. At the same time fingers running up and down the seams on my stockings. A well as all along the edge of my sassy dance shorts. Around each thigh. Slow and teasing. Just the way I like it.


I smiled at Stuart and managed to ask him if he had given mr X any instructions for the afternoon.

”Did I mention slow and teasing to our guest, you mean?” 
Stuart laughed and kissed me again. Then he took us both by the hands and walked us to the bedroom downstairs. It was still not dark outside, but no close neighbours so we let the big windows be open to let the last of the daylight in to the bed. Where I by now had been placed by mr X. He was walking around the bed watching me. Taking in every bit of me. Me, dressed like this. Like half naked. And then something else underneath, that he might still be unaware of. Maybe Stuart hadn’t mentioned the whole fantasy?

Meanwhile Stuart put on a vary familiar song. One of our recent favourites.
”Disco tits” by Tove Lo. 
I stood up and started to move to the song. Mr X and Stuart sat down on the bench at the foot of the bed. Their eyes encouraging me to keep doing what I did, so my body took me through all the moves of the song that I had practised just a little while ago at the dance class. And soon most of my clothes had come off. But not all. I put my right stiletto heel between Stuarts thighs and he assisted in taking it off. The left one met the same procedure between the thighs of mr X. The two men knelt on the floor and offered me the bench. As I sat down they removed my garters and rolled down my stockings as they simultaneously placed kisses from my thighs down to my toes. I leaned back onto the bed in pleasure.

The teasing in slow-motion as they took turns kissing me and undressing the last items were not far from unbearable and maddening. My pussy had a hard on and they still hadn’t touched her. I was in yearning. But no. Still not getting what I wanted. First they had other plans. My part was to play along with them, they assured me that if I just waited and enjoyed the teasing and the slowness my pleasure would be my treasure.

Skärmavbild 2018-03-06 kl. 13.24.55

A good two hours later we got dressed and stopped to kiss and hug all together and two and two. And all together again. Stuart took us by our hands and led us to the corner or the room, hugged us tighter and pointed at the small camera overlooking the room.

”Chris and Charlie – I hope you are pleased with our afternoon show. Thanks again for letting us use your house today. We will come back.”

Mr X started laughing and I giggled as I blushed. We had no idea the owners of the house were watching us. It gave the afternoon session an extra lift. And a few more fantasies starting playing in my naughty mind.

/hugs from me,

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters.