Anxiety is excitement without breath

”Is it really so?
Could it really be that simple?
So next time I get a notion that my anxiety is on its way to conquer me, to take over. 
Is it really so simple that as I breathe more consciously and tell myself ”I am excited” it will all be better, feel better?
Is it really so?

Thelma, please let me know what your perspective is on this….



Dear Stella,

Thank you for your question. And yes, breathing is one way to calm your nervous system. So is ”over-riding” the amygdala by announcing that it is excitement that you feel. Not anxiety. Do not let the amygdala ( ie your thoughts) rule what you believe.

I am sure you will find a chance to practice this during the summer, and if you want to we can bring it up again in the autumn, when we are back at our sessions?

All the best and kisses and hugs to you too,



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