Best so far

Stella and Stuart walks in to my office hand in hand. They are really beaming. As they each give me a big smile, I also notice that little mischievous look in their eye. And I cannot wait for them to tell me what they have experienced since last time. So I tell them…

” – You look fantastic, both of you! Whatever has happened since we last met. I would like to have the same experience too.” I smile back at them waiting for whoever wants to go first.

Stuarts clears his throat and giggles while looking at Stella. She giggles too. And then she starts telling me and Stuart of the experience that they have had since last time.

”- We have had the best sex-date so far. It happened in the middle of last week. We met another couple for dinner and then followed them back to their hotel room. And it was just so nice, and yes, fulfilling for us. The best sex experience for us both so far. She, the woman in the couple, is by far the best kisser yet. Do you agree, Stuart?” Stella looks at Stuart for approval of her conclusion before she continues.

” – I mean, we really had a perfect foursome for the first time. We all got chosen by all. Not the men in the touching, but apart from that – all of us got chosen by two three and chose two or three. Just as we have spoken about. Just what we have desired. In a flow of moving and pleasure. We all get pleasure. We all share. And we all make an effort to choose. And to make moves. To give, to take, to receive. Awesome really.” Stella takes a short break and looks at me for a reflection, question or reaction.

” – I am glad you had such a great and pleasurable experience as the last time you met another couple you didn’t match sexually nor energetically. This often seems to be the case among swingers. I believe most swingers have an idea of finding a few couples that they can match with both sexually and energetically, as well as mentally.
But finding them is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So to achieve this already, when you just recently started must make you feel really confident in finding this again. Both with this couple and maybe with a new couple too. Am I understanding you correctly?
I look straight at Stuart who cannot take his eyes off Stella.

Stella sees my look at Stuart and answers for them both.
”- Yes, exactly! We have that image of finding a few couples. Or maybe really persons. I believe that we would like to find a few persons of each gender, and a few couples, and then have like a sex-date adventure with a few mixes at a time. So we do hope that the ones we like will like each other as well. I, we, have this fantasy of sex with many. Best described as a sex-orgie perhaps? Well, that is still a fantasy for us, but we are slowly turning it into a desire. So hopefully sooner than later. ” Stella kisses Stuart and sits back to let him finish off this session.

Stuart is still a bit giggly, but tries to be as present and assertive when he talks for the first time this session.
” – Yes, the multiple persona sex-orgie is one of my biggest fantasies. And fortunately Stella is keen to fulfill it with me and turn it into one of our desires. I believe that meeting a couple or a single person at a time is our way to get to a ”bigger” sex-date-event. But I might be wrong. I feel at the moment that we both are confident it will happen. And all effort is put to go that way.”

I pause shortly as Stuart looks at me. Then I ask:
” – What obstacles do you see on your way towards that image and future desire. Your present fantasy?”

”- You just asked the thing that was on my mind,” Stuart replies. ”All the men that we have met do not come in the greatest of shape. I am referring to their dicks to be precise. This might be an obstacle. Maybe not. We just haven’t been very precise about it when we have looked at the other couples or men before we have met. Their words, pictures of bodies, faces, their energies, their humor etc have been on our list. But now we really need to add cock-size to the list. I am just a bit nervous about how to ask. 
it is a big issue for us though as Stella has desires for cocks my size or bigger. But no desire nor wish to meet one that is smaller. And as I said earlier, it might not be an obstacle at all. Or it might. We just have to find a phrase to use and try it when searching for new sex friends.”

His answer make me think of words and phrases to use. As I realize this is their process and they must own every step of it so I will not give them any suggestions.
” – I hear that their might be an easy way ahead or a bumpier one. Whatever it will be, I am still confident you will make the best choices that can be taken at the time of choosing. Trust each other. Just as you are today. Continue to go beaming and assertive into your meetings and searches. I have faith in you both. Plus I would love to experience just what you did with that couple. Cherish that memory as your mutual. See you in a week!”


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No person, no relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 

Sex date in a small town

Stella and Stuart sit down in my sofa and move closer to each other. Stuart puts his arm around Stella and strokes his fingers up and down her bare arm.
He cleares his throat to answer my question if they are moving along in their pursuit of finding more passion in their relationship, and at the same time are they growing and learning as individuals as well as a couple. 

”- Yes, I can clearly see that we are growing and coming a lot more together on our path as a couple. I believe Stella is agreeing with me in this too and that the feelings and words I will share today are more or less accurate for both of us at this moment.” 

Stuart checks in with Stella to get a nod of approval. I see so many signals from Stella to Stuart that says YES. A smile appears on my face, and when they feel I watch them they smile back.

” – Let me tell you about the other week,” says Stuart, ”I went on a business trip to a small town in the middle of Sweden and was fortunate to bring Stella along. We spent like 45 hours together, apart from the meetings I had during one afternoon, and all the time when we were with each other it felt like when we just met all those years ago. It felt like we didn’t have a care in the world. The kids were looked after, we had nothing to take care of besides our selves, and the meetings I had, and we could take any time we wanted to spend just as we wanted to. And that is precisely what we did. ”

”- Yeah, we went to the spa at the hotel, we had an early dinner, a long morning in bed, sex in the shower, deep talks in the car while driving to this small town and coming back as well. And then we had this other kind of meeting too. Will you share your words regarding the sex date Stuart?”, asks Stella and puts her hand on his thigh.

Skärmavbild 2018-02-24 kl. 13.21.49

” – Did we tell you that we were setting up a foursome for us? Anyway, we had. So we met this couple a few weeks ago online, had a Skype meeting with them to check each other out and they seemed real, a bit like us and totally ok to try a sex date with. As they lived close to the town I was having business meetings in, Stella came along on my business trip and we invited this couple to our hotel room for a sex date in on of the evenings. We met in the lobby, had a drink in the bar and then took the elevator to our room. We like only hugged and kissed each other on the cheek when we met, but apart from that we only touched our partner to begin with. It is difficult to know how to start in these situations so we relied a lot to them as we see our selves as beginners on this swinging path and they had more experience than us. Maybe that was a mistake?
To rely on them I mean. 
When we got in to the hotel room they rather quickly undressed and were not so interested in helping nor watching us get undressed. I think Stella is so hot when she is wearing her stay-ups, bot this guy did not seem interested to watch nor help undress her. Maybe that was the first sign of how the evening would go on?
Ok, there might be a lot of details now Thelma, so please stop me when you’ve heard what you think is necessary to hear. ” Stuart pauses and looks directly at me.

”- Go on!”, I say. ”What is important right now is for yourself and Stella to share this story to each other again. If I am listening or not to all details is not the game changer for you in your pursuit of passion. But being here, sitting in my couch, telling each other about this event that gave you insights is what matters. It matters that you share these words and stories between yourselves. So please go on, talk more to your self and Stella than to me.”

”- Ok, I´ll continue.  They undressed and we too. The other woman, F, was giving her husband, R, a blow job while he sat on the couch. So Stella and I did the same. Then I asked the women if they could swap. Stella moved over and kissed R first, then F did the same to me. And then they gave us men blow jobs. While we sat on the couch. Stella wanted more so we went to the bed. I was back with Stella and she sucked me so deep. She gets so wet and horny when deep throating me. It is like one of her biggest turn ons at the moment.”

Stuart pauses for a moment, kisses Stella on the earlobe, and continues his story of the sex date as he strokes his fingers up and down her bare arm again.

” – I am not clear of what happened when precisely, but we spent time with our own partner for quite a while and maybe added a touch or a stroke to another body or extended a kiss with someone else for a while. Then you, I mean Stella, asked if there were any wishes from anyone. And all she got were smiles. Nothing else. So we continued with our partners. F and R moved up on the bed so to have a better view of their own sex from the mirror. I was banging Stella from behind so she moved up to lick F´s pussy at the same time. It was a beautiful sight. But it didn’t last so long. Stella told me to try instead so I did. I moved on to lick F´s pussy while she was riding R facing us. 
And sort of shortly after that we swapped. I don’t think we said anything it sort of just happened. And all four of us had oral sex. Stella were deep throating R and F was giving me a good suck of my head, you know. We went on to put condoms on and had the other woman ride us. So Stella was riding R´s little dick and F was riding me. 
This only lasted a short period as R was so keen to have a close look at how F was swallowing my big cock while riding me. So Stella came back to me and I was having the two women at the same time. I was on my back, F riding my cock and I got to lick Stella as she sat on my face. It was a precious moment for me. A memory I will treasure. 
A short period both women were being pleased by me and at the same time the were sharing R´s dick. Sucking it and the balls too.”

Stella moves in the sofa and sits more opposite Stuart so as to look him in the eyes as she continues their story.
”- That period was so short too. R was nothing of what I had anticipated. He had been teasing with me and us while texting and sending pictures of himself naked with quite a big erection. Or so it looked like in the photos. And then when he actually got undressed I got a bit disappointed. I really fancy cocks, they should be long,  but they definitely need to be wide and have size to it.
Seeing and tasting R´s dick didn’t feel like a cock at all to me. Just like a dick and I felt disappointed. But hey, I did try, and I did invite him to come to me,  I did ride him and in a way I helped myself to what I thought I wanted from R.
But he didn’t seem interested at all. Not a bit. I never felt that he came to me, wanting to touch, taste or fuck me. Nor did F. I mean she did stroke my body once in a while or touched my breast very lightly. But apart from that there were no intention from any of them to choose to please me. None what so ever. And that made me really disappointed.
It didn’t match the texts, nor the teasing pictures, nor anything we had written or spoken about before. ”

Stella pauses, readjusts herself closer to Stuart, still facing him. She strokes his cheek, and takes hold of his hands as she moves on to tell their story.

”- At the same time as I was disappointed and felt a bit hurt by the experience of not being wanted, I felt wanted by you. At the same time I felt you wanted me near. I felt that I want us to have a threesome with another woman. I felt you happy and excited that you could lick me, while F was riding you. And I felt happy when you fucked me and could lick F to an orgasm at the same time. And I felt so happy for you as you were enjoying yourself. And that made the whole evening feel better. 
And yet, I stopped you when you said that we should join them in the sofa. I stopped you because I felt that they had already distanced themselves from us. I felt that they had had many chances of getting into a foursome with us that they hadn’t acted on. Nor hade they initiated a swap or anything really.
I felt that the evening was over with them in a foursome. Unless they wanted to come to us. 

That’s why I said no to what you wanted to do. And they never came back to the bed to join us so the sex date was pretty much over. We chatted for like 20 minutes before they dressed and left our room.”

”- Then I was like all over you at once.”
Stuart gives Stella a content glance and smiles at her.

”- Yes, you were, but I needed to feel desired. So you had to woe me for a while. And whisper those things in my ear. And touch me all over. All to make me feel desired. Not until I felt desired I could give myself to you and reconnect.”
Stella moves so close to Stuart she puts her legs around him and embrace him in a hug with both arms and legs.
” – I really want to experience a REAL foursome. Maybe on Tuesday?”

I watch this couple sitting in front of me in the sofa. Hugging tightly. Feeling the love between them so strong I could almost touch it with my hands. They have come a long way already in their pursuit of finding the passion back in their relationship.

”- Tell me your nearest plans before we wrap this session up.” I invite them to share their agenda to hear what steps they themselves feel they are ready to take on in their pursuit.

Stuart and Stella both turn towards me again and come out from the hug, and still holding hands, Stuart tells me the coming plans.
How they already have a planned sex date with another couple on Tuesday. He then tells me how they are looking for another woman to join them in a threesome. He finishes off by telling me that he has never felt this close to Stella before nor has he ever felt this desired by her in a long time. That is a feeling he both welcomes and treasures.

Maybe this will happen on Tuesday? Warning…takes you to Tumblr with a lot of sex…


No person, no relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 

A hot encounter at the conference

”- What if”…..Stella turns silent. And looks down at her hands. She clears her throat and starts again.
”- What if I had never met Stuart? What if hadn´t been at the party where he approached me? What if I had chosen to study at another university and just this day met him for the first time in my life?”

I encourage Stella to keep talking and invites her to explore those feelings that she has around her ”what if’s”.
”- Start again and tell me. If you would meet him for the first time today, HOW would you meet him and what would happen?”.

Stella continues.
”- I know that he is at a conference with a lot of women today. And I know he dressed in his tight black jeans this morning, with the nice new shirt I gave him. I know that he is good looking and I hope a lot of the women see that and appreciate his looks. And I hope they dare to show it. I know I would as the woman I am today. So maybe my behavior today would be the reason we met. if I had studied another topic at uni, I could have come to this conference and seen him in all his beautiful tallness and presence. [short pause from Stella] Oh yes, I see the picture now. ”

”- As I walk into the room where he stands working at this conference I feel his energy long before we even make eye contact. My first instinct is to hide my wedding ring in my pocket. I cannot let anything stop me, nor him. I feel the energies drawing my eyes towards him. He is talking to another woman and I see his profil. The curve of his nose, the upper lip and how his smile reaches all the way up to his eyes. And at that point he turns towards me. He is searching the crowd but not certain why he is doing this, nor certain of what he expects to see. His gaze stops at my feet, the high heels I am wearing. And slowly and hungrily tasting every part of as his eyes follow my every curve from toe to head. He is still talking to this woman and cannot take his eyes away from mine. I start walking closer to him and every sight of him is so familiar and yet so new. He is so good-looking! I am more interested in him than I have been for a while. This feels like a good way to find our lust for each other. ”

A short break comes naturally in our session, we refill our coffee and take our seats in the corner of the book store where the cafeteria is.

”- Do you feel at ease here in the cafe? Is it alright to continue?” I ask Stella as she gazes out the window at the elderly couple waiting for the bus outside. I see that she has eye contact with the old man and that they smile towards each other.  I bring her back into the session by asking her what she is wearing in this fantasy.


”- Stay ups, of course! I know he appreciates stay ups and I know that would drive him crazy knowing that underneath this dark blue dress I am wearing minimal panties, a blue bra and dark blue stay ups. And as I have mastered the art of walking in very high heels I approach him in my hip-swaying walk where I own my sexual confidence like a second skin that glows. I notice that Stuart sees my glow and hip-swaying. He cannot take his eyes off of me know. But I am not walking directly towards him, but rather take my time around the room, with my hips sending signals to him from different places in the room. He is still standing next to his spot where he shows his products.
He is one of the salesmen at the conference and I am a participant.
I hear the bells telling us that the first speaker soon will be up on stage and we are asked to take our seats. I linger outside in the hallway where Stuart can see me, I do not want to leave his gaze yet. And I do want to make him long for me to get back out again. I want him to want me. I want him to be horny. As horny as me. ”

”- I see my chance”,  Stella continues. Her ears glow red and warm.  All over her face her smile is beaming. She is beaming all over as she continues.
”One of the salesmen in the room has dropped a few leaflets on the floor and it is just a few steps away from me. The room is nearly empty of people. I look at Stuart and he looks at me. I move to help pick up the leaflets and as I bend down to help I feel Stuarts presence very close. I can hear him breathe and I can feel his warmth. As the other salesman thanks us for the help, we see that everybody else has left the room and hurried in to see the first speaker. Stuart locks his gaze into mine and introduces himself to me. If he could devour me with his eyes he just did. I am almost as tall as him in my blue high heeled shoes and I stand confident in my sexual powers as I lock my eyes in his and then let them wander all over his body. Checking him out thoroughly.  I lean forward and whisper my name to him. ”

”- I am Stella. Follow me.
I take his hand and lead him away from the room with the conference toward the cloakroom. He walks very close to me and put his other hand on my hip. Feeling my hip sway as I walk half a step before him. We have only come half way across the room when we hear someone calling out his name. We stop and turn around. His hand is taking a firm grip of my hip and he smiles to his colleague across the room as he pulls me closer to him. I can feel him breathing near my ear and I feel I am horny. ”

”- Are you coming in to listen to the first speaker now? Or are you ok, with me listening now and you take the next session, his colleague asks.”

”- Go ahead, next session sounds fine with me, Stuart replies, I am getting some more products from the back of the car. I´ll be back before next break, he adds. And steers me with a firm grip towards the garage. I am almost running in these heels and he suddenly stops as we are out of sight for every one at the conference. He looks at me, pulls me closer and we meet in a first kiss. A soft slow kiss of the lips first, and then a deeper one with tongues twirling inside each other.”

”- It feels like I have kissed him so many times, yet this time is completely new. I see him as my husband as of these past years – and at the samt time I see him for the first time. Or at least it feels like a new beginning between us. Seeing him acting this way. Seeing me acting this way. There are many feelings bubbling inside of me. And it feels so goood being in this feeling. Can I continue play with this fantasy a bit more?”
Stella crosses her legs, leans forward and put her elbows on the table with her chin leaning on her hands. Her eyes have a sparkle that wasn’t there when we met half an hour ago. Maybe it came with the beaming a short while ago.

My concentration drifts as Stella keeps talking, and I find myself gazing out of the window onto the square and bus stop next to it. Watching people doing errands, getting to work, kissing good bye to a loved one. My thoughts and feelings are concentrating towards my own memories of how I met my lover. My love. Our first intense encounter on the boat where we met at a party. I sense a shiver in my body and return my focus towards Stella and her story or her fantasy. I don’t know which is which anymore.

”His hands are under my dress and we are still kissing. I decide to go down on him and I get on my knees as I unzip his jeans and feel his big cock. I kiss it through his underwear. With my hands and mouth I take his cock out of his underwear and start licking it. From his shaft up to the head. Long slow strokes, and then take his head in my mouth. He has a big cock – and I know that, but I feel it to be bigger this time. I hear Stuart moaning. I recognize the sounds of him in pleasure. I keep blowing him. Faster, slower, faster, slower – teasing, teasing, teasing. He pulls me up and kisses me. Like he could never get enough of me. And we just met. I like it. I like being wanted by him. And yet I tell him to take it easy. Take a step away from him. Organize my dress and stay-ups, put my hands through my hair. Give him my phone number and give him a little kiss. I walk away from him in my hip-swaying style, confident that his gaze is following my ass as long as he can.”

”-Stella”, I ask,  ”if you could tell me a bit of your thoughts and feelings now compared to when we started today. And I am also curious to how you can keep using this fantasy as a tool for your doubts and exploring of your deepest fears and joys. Would you please tell me more of this?”

”- Oh, yes. I will definitely use this tool again.” Stella leans forward as she continues. ”Fantasizing is an excellent way for me today. Much better than the worrying that I have been used to the last months. In a fantasy I can put more faith in myself and Stuart. And thanks coach, I am feeling so much better now compared to the beginning of this session. And as my thoughts are in contact with my fantasy they are in a much better place than before. It feels like the best of tools using a fantasy. I might even share a bit of this and what happens next with Stuart later this evening.”

Stella stands up, gives me a brief hug and leaves the bookstore and the cafe with a lightness in her walk. I watch her as she walks out on the square until I cannot see her anymore. In the corner of my eye I see a man looking intensely at me. His gaze is mesmerizing and I cannot take my eyes of him either. He walks into the book store and turns to right into the first aisle. I sit still a bit longer. I watch the aisle intensely to get a glimpse of him again. And yes, there I see him. He is tall and I catch his back as he turns further into the store. My legs get me moving and I find myself quite soon in the same aisle as him. No one else is around. He bends down and pulls me close. Puts a kiss on my neck and then on my ear. His hands are in my hair. His lips are on mine. He says my name. I feel at home.

” – Take me home love”, I whisper to him. ”Take me home.”



No person, no relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters.