to be picky

The other day I posted a short text on our IG with the above picture. I wrote:

”None of us actually. We are rather picky in our choices of who to play with…and then our tallness seems imposing to a lot of men in the lifestyle. Yet when we do find that couple, that person, that party, that playroom…expect nothing but awesome power fucking.”

We are a lot more open than we sometime believe we are. And maybe more than others like to believe too. It’s just the feeling of ”the pond” in Sweden being too small, or perhaps not into our thing?

And then there are those small details that might be off, and that’s when the energy goes away and the evening takes a new path. That is totally ok – and it has to be for everyone.

Today I am also happy that Mr S posted a list a while back on one of our profiles on the sex-dating sites. A list for all single men contacting us. Because now when they approach us. They are prepared. That makes me happy too.

I am curious to whether or not a list or two will be added. One for women and one four couples….just curious.

Helping hands

Helping hands are looked upon in our exploration world in the most various ways. At BodyContact there are many profiles writing that they are ”well past helping hands”. In the Tantric world the opposite is more often true. And the grey scale between them is filled with all the colours of the rainbow.

In our opinion, helping hands in the right context and situation can be EXACTLY what is giving the moment a top position on our list of sexploration activities.

Ever since we released the Kundalini inside of me, the extra touch, the added hands, the added fingers running up my spine from my ass towards my hairline shifts my orgasms from the ”normal” to the super-duper-delicious. And that my dear reader, is exactly what my definition of helping hands is.

The right touch, the right place, the right addition towards becoming one with the universe of orgasms.

And yes – I do recommend you follow @apollonia.saintclair on Instagram.

Power fucker

”You are a power fucker!”, he whispered into my ear as his cock was pumping my ass and another cock was pumping my pussy. His lips brushed against my neck and sent shivers down my spine. Hard shivers. I didn’t want him to stop. Never ever. I wanted to be his power fuck for the rest of my days. All through the evening anyway. The orgasms were not close at all. But all of my senses were sharpened. My breathing deep as I pushed back towards the double cocks. Again and again. Following as well as leading the rhythm of our fucking.

Me, the power fucker. Aka Lilly. Still cherishing my new nickname.

(table)sex tennis – multiple players

Imagine this…

6 women
12 men
Each of the women is a part of a couple, and the couples each bring their favourite, sexiest extra man to the event.
Double men vs women.

Picture this…

No table tennis table, instead a big, round, soft mattress – a round bed.
6 women naked on the bed with blindfolds.
Standing on all four with bare pussies to the edge of the bed.
The women have bodily contact and support by the ”sister” next to them.
A sisterhood circle. A bond. A trust.

12 men naked.
Approaching the women.
Standing in a circle.
Taking turns.
Touching her. Legs. Torso. Breast. Pussy. Fingering. Licking. Sucking.
The ones who wait hold their hands on the women´s lower back to raise the kundalini energy.

Imagine this….

The women form a new position.
Gently moved by two men each to a long, open sofa.
The new position is still on all fours. Still with blindfolds.
But every other woman has her head towards the room, and every other her ass towards the room.
Still having physical contact.
Still a sisterhood of trust and bonding.
Wet pussies glistening in the candle lit room.

The men approaching with their erect cocks.
A condom on the cocks approaching the pussies.
A bare cock approaching the mouths.
Each woman to be penetrated in pussy as she is sucking a cock.
1 minute. Then move to the right. Next woman to fuck or to be sucked by.

For starters…

Men wearing blindfolds.
Women undressing them and creating a sisterhood circle as they undress each woman at a time. One sister at a time.
Kissing all the women together. 2 men kissing one woman in a threesome kiss. Then move on to then next. And the next. And the next.
The men put the blindfolds on each woman.

For dessert…

The participants divide into 3 groups.
Each couple get back together and bring their extra man.
They team up with another threesome to form groups of 6 persons.
The two women in each group will get the gift of having 5 pair of hands on her body for 10 minutes.
Caressing, Cherishing, Appreciating, Teasing hands and other Worshipping body parts. Kissing, Licking, Sucking.

Let the game begin…

Fantasies coming true

Thelma spent the whole Sunday fantasizing of the upcoming sex date in the summer house. Mr S had found them the perfect little hide away place during the summer and they had spent long evenings, hot nights and sexy mornings there. On their own. During the summer. But as August had arrived many more felt braver in the times of Covid-19 so lots of connections were made on the apps they were using.

For this particular evening they had invited a former elite soldier. A man with preferences for ass play, for no forplay, for kissing, and fucking hard.
He arrived precisely on time of course. Wearing a white linen shirt and blue summer shorts. And his generous smile.

Mr S was more handsome than ever in skinny, black jeans, and the tight, black shirt. Thelma? Well, of course looking like the Amazon she truly is. With stay ups, 11 cm heels, short black dress, open panties and her new necklace – FUCK ME – embroidered onto a velvety ribbon. As a couple they are stunning and they start to understand that….

The guest greeted both with hugs, Mr S served each a drink of the chilled white wine.

” – Who likes kisses?” the guest asked as he came closer to Thelma. Not really a question to answer in words as to answer with a kiss. Not only one, but a few. Thelma and Mr S both love kissing, and especially threesome kisses, where all participate. They managed to get to a few of those some minutes later.

Shortly after the kisses there was yet another question. These were probably the only ones during the hot, sexy evening, the rest were commands.

”- Are you ready for this?” the guest asked as he held out the butt plug. Thelma smiled, met Mr S´s nodding approval and turned her ass towards the guest. Her dress came off and the butt plug entered her ass. The guest was impressed already. Eager to fuck asap.

From here the commands started. They came from both of the men. And yes, they were checking in with Thelma to see if they were ok. All of them were. Ok. Thelma surrendered and let her self be taken and well fucked by two men. Yet she was all through the fuck also very demanding of where she wanted a cock. In her mouth, sucking, sharing, kissing while sharing a cock. In her throat. Deep in her throat. And in her pussy at the same time that she was tasting one of the cocks.. In her ass at the same time. The fantasy of a double penetration coming true.

The even better experience of two cocks in pussy at the same time also came true. Lots of kisses. Some nipple play. Lots of cock sucking. Loads of pleasure. And ass play. Ass pleasure. Ass fucking.
So much that the guest went to the moon and back while fucking Thelma in the ass while Mr S was enjoying her in a 69. And she was enjoying the cock in the ass as well as the cock in her mouth.

The last command of the evening?
When it was time for the guest to leave for Mr S and Thelma to reconnect with the sacred sex shared between them.
Even this morning too the reconnecting sex occurred again.

The summer get away looks like a keep for next summer as well. We are playing with the idea of inviting a few of the other connections from our apps…already in August and September and October.

yes, we do have an idea for a house party too….stay tuned

Three women

Constantly following us. Our every step. Of the way. Three women. Or at least their names.

Consider this.
You find a beautiful, authentic unicorn via your fav-dating site. She is up for a three-some with you and your husband. And most interested in trying to have sex with a woman. Although she does enjoy your husband too. You all agree to meet, get undressed and have a great time in bed. And for all of the involved this is your first encounter with either the same sex, and or a three-some. Her name? Charlotte.

Next consider this.
Yes, the first encounter with a unicorn gave you a sweet tooth and you want to try it again. Back to your fav-dating site and kaboom. There she appears. And in no time at all, you have met for a date and have booked yet another threesome. This time the invited unicorn do have some previous experience, although be it many moons ago. The date goes so, so. Ok at the time, but not all the time. And afterwards a downhill slope for you (ie the wife in the couple). You still meet not once but twice again. Once for lunch and talk among women. And once to go to a sexparty together. Where a NO is trespassed and we never meet again. Her name? Isabel.

Then this. I mean consider this too.
Time passes and you both start to look again. Maybe it will be better with anther woman? This time she comes to you. Via another date with her fuck-buddy, where we pick her phone number and organise a date of our own. Fingers crossed everything will be better. A lot of explaining of what is ok and not ok. And taking it slowly at the sex-date. All three taking it slowly. And yes, we are still all three rookies at both threesomes, and sex with same sex. We say something about maybe seeing each other again. But no, that will probably not happen with this unicorn either. Her name? Kathryn.

Ok. You have now considered the short description of each woman. Each unicorn. And you have seen that among the three, we are not to keen to meet the last two. The first one however is still on our wish-list…or at least was. Anyhow…

Yes, anyhow.
What are the odds that these names will meet us again wherever we go into new sexploration or any situations?
Because that is what has happened.
1. Visits to other sex parties. Boom, there is a Kathryn, an Isabel and a Charlotte present.
2. Among my relatives, more precisely my sisters-in-law (yes they were there before). Boom, of course three of them are called these names.
3. Visits to a friends little get together. Boom of course three of their friends are called these names too.

So, it seems like we have to remember all three of these women very clearly and over and over again until the universe understands that we are moving on.

The good girl

A few nights ago my sweet Mr S decided he was no longer in charge of our hunt for pleasure. For our exploration. He wants me to step up and pull him along now. Show him the way. Be the bold and daring one. Be the planner. Be the hostess. Be the organiser.

I just wanna be the good girl. I just wanna be fucked. I just wanna be told what to do. Cherished. Kissed. Fucked. Used. Loved. I love being told by him that I am a ”Good girl”. That turns me on.

So this?
Is a totally 180 turn for me. And I haven’t stepped up to it for a few days. But today I did. Chatted with M that we have met before when he was a part of a couple. I also sent a request for a helping hand to a few others. To help us get back into the scene.

Our favourite club in Paris is still closed due to the current state of the world. But fortunately M has indeed some contacts in Paris and will let us now asap when the smallest opening will occur.

I do hope I can step up to this challenge by my sweetheart. I will put my red shoes on, click my heels and BAM – it will all appear closer than we think.
Isn’t that so?

my 100 reasons

As I came across a newsletter the other day I realised I have been neglecting and staying away from this little place. While realising that I also realised why I have stayed away. Today I want to change that. I will return every week and work on my list of my 100 reasons.

100 reasons of why our (s)exploration will be all the good bits. That the worry can come along if it wants to but no longer control me, the speed or anything anymore. Building my list of 100 reasons will come to me as I close my eyes and imagine the end result, as well as the fun and play along the way, and while imagining this it will all come to me easily and fast like a very smooth ride.

Come along on my smooth ride towards the 100….not in order, just counting

  1. I am loved
  2. I feel attracted
  3. I am attractive
  4. I am wanted
  5. I can play
  6. I want to play
  7. I get to play
  8. I am chosen
  9. I choose
  10. I am free to make choices
  11. I am held
  12. I am seen
  13. I am worshipped
  14. I am appreciated
  15. I am listened too
  16. I am heard
  17. I hear myself
  18. I use my words
  19. I am happy
  20. I am healthy
  21. I am responding
  22. I am letting go
  23. I am curious
  24. I am loving
  25. I am loved
  26. I am generous
  27. I am included
  28. I am with someone special
  29. We play together
  30. We decide for us – the we-thing
  31. We add
  32. We stay together
  33. I smile
  34. You smile
  35. We smile
  36. We have courage
  37. We can say no
  38. I can say no
  39. I say no
  40. I say yes
  41. I say Hell Yes
  42. We say Hell Yes
  43. You can say No
  44. You can say Yes
  45. We choose our rules
  46. We choose together
  47. You choose
  48. You belong
  49. I belong
  50. I am loved
  51. You are loved
  52. We are together
  53. I can choose you anytime
  54. You can choose me anytime
  55. You choose me all the time
  56. I choose you all the time
  57. We choose us and add others
  58. We are in love
  59. We choose love
  60. We choose laughter
  61. We feel each other
  62. We listen to each other
  63. We stay curious
  64. We repair
  65. We try our best with each other
  66. We do not give in nor up
  67. I do not give in nor up
  68. You do not give in nor up
  69. I turn my sadness and fear into a smile and a whisper
  70. You turn your frustration and confusion into a smile and a whisper
  71. We belong together
  72. We make each other better
  73. We cherish the other and the us
  74. We are great together
  75. We are loved
  76. We turn the uncomfortable into the comfortable
  77. We make things better
  78. We are strong
  79. We are stronger together
  80. We are enjoying
  81. We are cherishing our love
  82. We are in this together
  83. We are as much nuts as we are weird
  84. I am crazy
  85. You are crazy
  86. Others are not for real
  87. We know us
  88. We do not know them
  89. We care about each other
  90. We care a lot
  91. I care for you
  92. You care for me
  93. You come first
  94. I come first
  95. We come first
  96. We choose who come third
  97. We include on our rules
  98. We exclude when we choose
  99. We have fun
  100. We love each other to the moon and back, through thick and thin, through the roughest patches, in the misery, in the happiness, through the laughters and silliness. Always. We love each other.

Long time no see…

….as we still are sailing and pirating the seven seas.
I do promise to tell you all our juicy details once we get back into the home harbour and get some rest. For now though, keep practising your patience, flirt with the love of your life and make love like you never done before. Like you mean it every time. 

Just one more sea to dip my toes in before we head back to harbour…..


the Tantric Priestess


Nervously, he went to see the Tantric Priestess to find out the secrets of being a better lover.

”what do I need to do to make my woman happy?“ he asked,” Teach me the techniques.”

”there is no technique”, she replied, scooping some bright green tea leaves like blades of dried grass and dropping them into a tiny clay pot, ”no technique that is greater than understanding the lover’s attitude.”

She poured boiling water over the leaves, releasing an aroma of freshly-mown grass. ”Sencha tea”, she explained.

”And what exactly is the lover’s attitude?“ he asked, barely concealing his disappointment to not be given some solid methods and step-by-step instructions.

She swirled the tea around in the pot in a leisurely manner, as if awakening the leaves.

She mindfully placed the pot down, and poured the clear green liquid into two small bowl-like cups.

She slid one tiny bowl over the table top to him and raised her sparkling eyes to his.

”With these hands,” she said, lifting her elegantly long-fingered palms before him, ”I reach out to touch the places in you that have been hurt and shriveled up like a leaf closing to the harsh winds.”

She touched his cheek with a gentleness that seemed to penetrate right in to his depths. He felt immediately vulnerable. In a beautiful way. Seen. Exposed. Touched.

Looking into his eyes as she lightly caressed his cheek she said: ”I use my hands to sooth the parts of you that were once shamed or wronged.” it was as if she were pouring love straight into his body and heart. It was kind of scary, but at the same time his whole being thirsted for this.

She held her hand in stillness, cupping his cheek… ”I use these hands to hold you in all of the places in which you have been dropped so that you may gradually rebuild trust in life again.”

And as I look at you I see you fully… I see both aspects of your being.

I see your soul. Vast, complete and perfect. Life force in its fullness as it runs through you. The divinity that you are.

Yet I also see your humanity. All the wounds and scars that life gave you. I see all the constricted parts that don’t let the life force flow through with ease. I see the defences that armor your being.

I see them without judgment…for I understand how they came to be there. And I can only have compassion as I know that life has hurt you when you were vulnerable.

And I offer these hands to touch those places. I offer these hands to soften the armor, and caress the scars. My hands dance over you to free up your life force and let it safe for you to feel again, safe for you to be alive.

With my touch I gently release the constrictions that have made this body too small for that bright soul of yours. I do not fix… I only love. I love the very places you have feared to love yourself.”

She placed her hand on his hand. An innocent gesture, and yet he felt so very…touched.

He gulped a little and paused to sip his tea.

After a few sips, she refilled both cups, and then she started to caress one of her own hands with the other. Somehow her movements were mesmerizing.

” My hands are here to heal through pleasure.” she continued.

”It’s not me doing pleasure TO you. The pleasure is yours- I simply witness it with my hands. I dance with it. I celebrate it with my touch.

And if you can receive, then healing happens.

All that gets healed is not really you anyway. It is the result of what was done to you, but it’s not you. You are perfect and whole and complete. You are the soul that is eternally bright. My hands caress away the pain body, to reveal the sparkling diamond of your soul.”

She pauses to sip tea, without her taking her eyes off his. Wordless, he follows suit, not sure what to say. The tea feels warm and comforting as it slips down his throat.

”Never mind the technique,” she says,” for now just develop the attitude of the lover. The attitude itself will teach you the techniques.”

She clinks her little cup against his. They drain their last drops.

He is utterly transformed. He had walked into the Shakti Temple ready to pick up a few tricks. But he left feeling ready to touch another soul.

~ Shashi Solluna 

None of the words above written by me. When reading them I had no other way than to share them with you. Uncensored. Pure. As the energy they bring you.
May you be transformed every day too.