A magical year of fucking – 2018


Countless orgasms, countless fucks and many memories from adventures of sex as non monogamous.

How many couples, singles, sex parties and club visits last year?
Many more than we thought it was going to be as we started this first year of sexploration – well, this first year for us contains 13 months.

10 undressed sex dates with couples, unicorns or bulls.
3 sexparties.
6 visits to sex clubs.
plus a few more of dressed dates for chemistry searching. And a lot more chatting, texting and searching our channels for YOU and YOU and YOU.
We have so far met people from BC, Tinder, Tumblr and Feeld.

Thank you all for joining us in our sexploration. And do not hesitate to contact us if you’d like to meet us. Who knows, maybe we can meet soon for a chemistry date?

When a woman loves her man…and shows it….

Looking for a needle in a haystack? So it feels like.

Either we are meeting experienced women on their own. Or couples where the woman is only interested in herself and not her husband. I would like to meet a couple like us. Maybe they are more experienced than us or maybe less than us. I can picture what it would be like to meet a couple where the woman always went back to her partner, choosing him over her or us. Still playing and exploring together with her partner and us. To once in a while go back to being in the original two-some with her partner for intimacy and connection.

Meetings with singles?

Maybe. Maybe not. They all need to be interested in us both. Experienced enough to appreciate only touching. No need for penetration. No needs at all. Just listening to the tune we play and step in where the tune opens up. And no, this way of viewing a night together is not us using this person as a sex toy. More of a signal to the singles that we are not promising anything at all….so do not anticipate nor expect – ask and we will see how the night unfolds.

Yes, we know that our tune can to be stronger and clearer. We are working on it.

A new idea comes to my mind. I share it with my Mr S.

”- Let’s try this. We hook up with another couple, meet them for a walk/drink/dinner with multiple possible outcomes:

  • we say ”no, thank you” right there and do nothing further
  • we say ”yes, maybe, let us book a room at a hotel, see each other have sex within the couple and then maybe meet again”
  • we say ”yes, maybe, let us book the room, see each other have sex with your own partner, we have sex next to each other and maybe there will be some touching on non-genital parts”
  • we say ”yes, have sex in the booked room, with your own partner first and there might be more sex in the quadruple”

And a reminder that anyone can stop at any time and back a few steps to start over or choose another direction. As well as a reminder that at anytime anyone can call it a night and say good bye. 

So Mr S, can this be worth trying with me?”

This one...

PS. If you are a couple and you as the woman recognize yourself in my description above….do not hesitate to get in touch.

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 


Mono-amorous and non-monogamous

Trying to grasp our mutual growth. Why we do this and what it is or might become?
If I put in words on paper and discuss it with Mr S maybe it will become clearer?
Said and done, a few moments later I find myself with these words.

”- Mr S, please listen to me reading these words to you.  Listen, reflect and let me hear your words from your heart and your head,” I say as I sit down next to him in the sunshine. And start to read:

”We came across a term that someone used, saying that they were definitely mono-amorous and non-monogamous. And that planted itself in us. Like yeah, we can relate to that. It could have been our words. And today we try them out. 

There is no place for more persons to love or be in a love-relationship with within our family. Not today and not in the near future. Nor for me nor for Mr S. We love each other and stay in our relationship together in this duo.
At the same time we are feeling an urge to be relationship anarchists – ie not bound to any other rules for our relationship that the ones we mutually agree upon. We = mr S and I.
The anarchist urge that has been the birthplace of more lust and curiosity to sexplore with others,  we have come to terms that we today define us as

Non- monogamous:
For us at the moment this means that we are open to add other persons to our sex acts. Like a threesome in a hotel or like having sex in a sex club, or visiting sex parties. Maybe not always to add someone else at these events, but merely to show our selves off as a couple who enjoy having sex, even if someone is watching. But yes, a threesome at a hotel is definitely adding a person to us. 
What it doesn’t mean for us today is that we go our own ways. It is not ok for Mr S to have his own sex act with a new person or for me to be involved with other men (or women) without Mr S by my side. What we do in sex as non-monogamous we do together. 
When we get the question if we are swingers and the underlying question are ”do you want to swap partners?”, we say no! If that is your definition of swingers we are NOT calling ourselves swingers.
We do however add more persons than one sometimes, but then that is a full on game with all persons on all. Not two separate events occurring next to each other. Maybe it is more correct to say we are in the swinging community, than to phrase us as swingers….and perhaps mostly it is again our relationship anarchists that rage against the closed concept that swinging equals swapping.

To sum our words, thoughts and reflections up for now…we define our selves as 

  1. free to mutually set the bonds that we feel are needed in our relationship – not to inherit societies or cultures or other traditional bonds
  2. free to mutually agree to add more persons to our sex-life and mutually agree to whom they might be
  3. a part of the swinging community without the traditional definition of the swapping having to occur
  4. the brave lovers in our relationship that consists of only two persons 

What have I missed? What more needs to be said here? I am ready to listen!”

”- Darling, you just missed to add the joy, the fun, the naughtiness, the liberation, the excitement and the fear. And yes, not letting other people or society tell us what we can or cannot do. You definitely have the anarchy thing totally spot on!
Come here and give me one of those kisses when you smile. I love to feel the smile on your lips as we kiss. They make me feel loved”. Mr S pulled me closer and we kissed.

The sun was hidden behind the clouds. Mr S´s arms were wrapped around me and my hands unbuttoned his shirt. This summer afternoon was going to be time for some naughty play. Between the two of us.