2019 – new wishes and stars aligned for us


Will you share some with us?

We would like to explore more with an extra man. Maybe someone who really, really is bi-curious or more. Or just the right mr Chosen for us.

We would also like to meet with more women. A bi-curious woman for us two. And maybe two women at the same time too. Most probably will you be bi-sexual.

Yes, fancy sex parties are definitely a yes from us!

Couples – mr S is so interested in meeting the right couple.
The right one for us.
Or the good enough ones perhaps.
There is so much more going on within a couple, and I find it difficult to find the right energies that suits me. Where I can feel safe enough to let go and explore.
So, let’s meet and then decide if and HOW to proceed. For Mr S´s pleasure and wish. And mine too…even if might be a bit scared of admitting just that 😉

Contact us, send us a love letter or an email.

A magical year of fucking – 2018


Countless orgasms, countless fucks and many memories from adventures of sex as non monogamous.

How many couples, singles, sex parties and club visits last year?
Many more than we thought it was going to be as we started this first year of sexploration – well, this first year for us contains 13 months.

10 undressed sex dates with couples, unicorns or bulls.
3 sexparties.
6 visits to sex clubs.
plus a few more of dressed dates for chemistry searching. And a lot more chatting, texting and searching our channels for YOU and YOU and YOU.
We have so far met people from BC, Tinder, Tumblr and Feeld.

Thank you all for joining us in our sexploration. And do not hesitate to contact us if you’d like to meet us. Who knows, maybe we can meet soon for a chemistry date?

Unicorn matchmakers


All unicorns (and bulls (except 1 so far)) who we have met during last year….have found their true love. And it all has happened very recent to having sex with us. We believe it is because they all glow a bit more after spending time having glorious sex with us. 😉


If you are a unicorn or bull, who would:

A) like to have sex with us – and we with you

And would:

B) like to meet the love of your life in a short future after our sex date

Please contact us, we do not bite.

Thelma and Mr S


An extra man

”We are sexting with a man. A man with an open mind. A man who think we are a very hot couple. I keep an open mind too. He asks us for inspiration before our upcoming sex date. I send him some of the pictures below. He had to take the rest of the day off work. Couldn’t focus ;-). I wonder what would have happened had I dared to send a few more pictures. Pictures of the men also enjoying each others bodies?

See you next month Thelma, 
all the best,

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 


a year of magical fucks

Last year, almost exactly on this day, mr S created an account for us on an adult site. BC or Body contact or the Boat club as some users refer it too. Most of the accounts are based in Sweden. And some additional from neighboring countries.

The last year we have also started having our daily magical fucks. Yes daily. The last 379 days we have had at least one magical fuck a day.
We are not including 4 days when we’ve been apart from each other. 
At least one magical fuck a day – yes that is how it has been. Some days we have had a lot more sex than one fuck. And other days have had ”just” one.

Sex for us is always some penetration of one of us and at least one of us has an orgasm. Mostly me, Thelma. And I do not mind them at all. The fucks and the orgasms.

As I write this I want to thank all the contacts we have met from BC. Every meeting has been special. Both the meeting as well as the process before and after. Thank you all for being who you are!

At the moment I also want to share that we have a lot going on….trying on costumes for an upcoming sex-event with approx 60 participants, chatting with a few single, bisexual men. And Thelma is having a lunch date with one of the unicorns on her own later this week.

Do you want to be like Thelma and mr S?
Then all you have to be is more of yourself!


The wedding party at Eden’s sexclub


They came down the staircase, on the red carpet. Everybody gave them their attention.

She was beautiful in her strapless weddingdress, beaming and smiling. He walked slowly behind her taking in the room feeling more proud than ever.

A big round of applauds as they stopped along the way. The bartender shouted ”hip, hip, hooray for mr Wolf and his bride today” and all joined in and cheered for the newly weds as they made their way down the rest of the stairs. Hugging and kissing everyone they met on their way to the bar. Greetings were given in more ways than you normally see at a wedding. Everyone in the room was now smiling and cheering as the bride and groom got up and sat on the bar. With a glass of bubbly each they kissed each other and invited the bartender up to sit between them.

The person next to us explained the scene to us, as we were the only guests that evening from outside this town. All the other guests were frequent visitors to Eden and knew both the bride and the groom well. But not us, so she took us on a story of how the bride and the groom, aka mr Wolf, had met one night a year ago in one of the rooms at Eden. Mr Wolf had been invited by a couple (as men cannot visit Eden on their own, they need a date to enter) to join them for a threesome at the sex club. The man in the couple that invited mr Wolf,  is now working as the bartender in the club. And is was part of the story of course. As well as a partner to the woman telling us the story.

She told us:
”- We came to the bar around midnight, after I had flirted with mr Wolf in another bar. All three of us got horny so we invited him to join us at Eden. As we came to Eden there were a lot of girls present. There usually are more men than women at the club but not this night. I spotted her immediately. She was smiling and beaming back then too. I couldn’t resist her either so I went up to her as fast as I could and asked if she would join me. She nodded. Not really able to speak. I took her into the room with the biggest bed. We kissed each other and it led to sex between us. Right in the middle we could feel more hands on our bodies. It was Mr Wolf and my partner, Joaquin, (at the bar tonight) who had found us after I left them when I spotted Isabel. I slowed down, invited all hands to my body as I asked Isabel if she wanted to join in a foursome. Again she nodded. This time with a her big smile. When Joaquin and I finally left after a few hours of sex, cuddling, laughter and talk, Isabel and mr Wolf stayed behind. That’s how they met. 

We have ”played” with them both at this club and at our house as well since that year, and they have been frequent guests to the club. Enjoying themselves and others too. I am not surprised at all that they choose to come here as an ”after-wedding-party”. A few of the bridesmaids are blushing a bit, but I have seen others here before. It seems like a fine mix of regulars and newcomers. 

She laughed. Kissed us both on our lips. Smacked my bare behind and flirted with me. With me Thelma. She, the red head. Then she went to the bar. Joined in the celebrations of Isabel and mr Wolf.

We sipped our drinks. Feeling a bit unsure. Out-of-towners. The rest regular guests. Plus the huge wedding party. Should we stay?

Cake for all was announced and we took the opportunity to slip into the back of Eden. And found the biggest bed of them all. Mirrors around us and in the ceiling. And we were all alone. Slowly undressing the last part of clothing. Kissing all over. Taking our time to find pleasure. Enjoying every minute. Suddenly hands on our bodies, lightly touching. As if in the light touch there was also a question if they could touch. YES, was our mutual reply.

The room was dark and not well lit. It took a few moments until we realized that it was Isabel and mr Wolf that were joining us. I kissed the bride full on. Long, deep kisses. Mr S kissed mr Wolf. We had sex next to each other. Me and mr S, Isabel and mr Wolf. Our hands touched all over all of us.

The red head and her partner, the bartender, joined us later on. Mr S and I in the middle. Enjoying many hands on ur bodies. And as usual my kundalini energy kept rising and rising. Being almost too much to handle for me and mr S. My orgasms never ended. They kept coming over and over again. Mr S let go of control and had an unique experience when he joined my multiple orgasm. Two men and two women were all touching mr S. I was riding his cock and we really exploded there. In the room with the biggest bed. In Eden. The sex club. With the newly weds. And the red head and her bartender.

When we got back to our hotel we received a message on our Tumblr….
”- To the hot and intimate lovers – thank you for a wonderful night together. You helped us end our wedding day in the best possible way. Please come back to Eden. And let us know when you do. 
xoxoxo, mr and mrs Wolf”


No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 


the former pupil

When I was younger I used to work as a teacher. I have left that career and never thought much about it for the last decade. Until the other day.

First I ran into a former pupil as she worked in the café where I met an old friend. I recognized her immediately and she then took a few moments until she smiled and remembered me from way back in her life. She had only been 14 yrs old at the time.

Secondly, a bit more awkward perhaps, I might have run into another former pupil. Who contacted my husband on our profile from MWL (My Wild Lifestyle). My husband invited this person to a shared kik-chat, for all three of us. This person sent us a few questions and some nice pictures of himself. No facial pictures, but upper body (naked).

We replied and sent a picture of us two together, beaming and smiling at the camera. And like two seconds later….he left the chat.
Husband found it very amusing and suggested that MAYBE this too was a former pupil of mine.


I haven’t got a clue. But I hope it wasn’t.
I have heard rumors from another woman, who went to a sex-club, met an old pupil and asked him to leave as he was the youngest of them. She implied that he had any time in the world to come back, but as she was over 60 yrs, she had first shot at staying 😉

We have laughed a lot since this happened. My dear mr S and I. A lot.

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 


Orgasms – how many can you have?

Mr S asked me the question again as he came out from the shower, still drying himself in front of me.

Me, still in bed, smiled at him and gave a little laugh as I replied:
As many as I can take, my Love!

Clitoral orgasms – ie stimuli on the little head of the clitoris
Vaginal orgasms – all the different spots, nerve endings, places – INSIDE the Vagina are, for me, today, so incredibly sensitive that I find myself reaching orgasms when you fuck me from behind and in our previous years together that has never happened before. Yet now I have different kinds of orgasms whether we lie on our sides, spooning, or if I stand on all four or if I stand in my high heels and bend forward towards the floor or if I ride your cock when you sit up and I face away from you.
Or when you enter me as I ride you, and again different orgasms if I face you or away from you. 
Or the orgasms when I suck you deep, they linger in me and stretch all the way from shaft in my mouth down to my pussy. 
Not to mention the orgasms I can take when you massage my breasts, oooh…the nipplegasms. 
The squirting orgasms….where the orgasm not yet occur at the point of the squirting, but very near. Either before or after. 
The ass-fucking, riding you, with your cock far up my ass and one leg next to you, the other with a foot on the floor.
The newest addition – just laying next to you as you pull your cock on your own, masturbating with me at your side, I am not touching myself, nor are you touching me. And still, yes still, I get the most remarkable orgasm at the same time that you orgasm. Just by absorbing your energies and taking the orgasm simultaneously as you. 

The best part, Mr S, is that the is just the beginning. Let me tell you that there will be plenty more orgasms to come. 

Is 20 in a day my current top?

Mr S put the towel over his shoulder and came across the room to the bed. Kissed me gently on my forehead, lips, nipples, belly button and clitoris head.
Then he left me naked in bed for a day at the office.

Me? I stayed naked in bed the rest of the day.