The good girl

A few nights ago my sweet Mr S decided he was no longer in charge of our hunt for pleasure. For our exploration. He wants me to step up and pull him along now. Show him the way. Be the bold and daring one. Be the planner. Be the hostess. Be the organiser.

I just wanna be the good girl. I just wanna be fucked. I just wanna be told what to do. Cherished. Kissed. Fucked. Used. Loved. I love being told by him that I am a ”Good girl”. That turns me on.

So this?
Is a totally 180 turn for me. And I haven’t stepped up to it for a few days. But today I did. Chatted with M that we have met before when he was a part of a couple. I also sent a request for a helping hand to a few others. To help us get back into the scene.

Our favourite club in Paris is still closed due to the current state of the world. But fortunately M has indeed some contacts in Paris and will let us now asap when the smallest opening will occur.

I do hope I can step up to this challenge by my sweetheart. I will put my red shoes on, click my heels and BAM – it will all appear closer than we think.
Isn’t that so?

längtan efter flerskap i sex

” Thelma, Jag fick en fråga häromdagen. En fråga som undrade vad jag längtade efter i vårt sökande efter att vara flera i vårt sexliv. En himla stor, fin och bra fråga!
Min första känsla en tacksamhet att jag blev påmind om min längtan, som att jag nästan tappat bort den en stund. Istället lagt fokus på de stunder vi upplevt som jag inte vill uppleva igen. Så tusen tack till denna kvinna som ställer en sådan fråga till mig. Samtidigt en otroligt stark nyfikenhet tillbaka till henne. Hon som vill träffa ett par för sex.

Vad jag längtar efter att få uppleva i ett flerskap i sex?

Jag längtar efter att få uppleva trygghet, njutning, systerskap, erotisk hetta, att få känna mig eftertraktad, att få vara önskad av flera samtidigt. Att få känna kåthet, glädje och tacksamhet. Att få vara djupt hållen av min älskade, tillsammans med andra. 

Och att den känslan och upplevelsen kan få finnas med mig  i timmarna, och dagarna som följer, finnas inom mig. Förhoppningsvis kan min älskade och jag den krydda vårt fortsatta sex i flera dagar. ”

Mailet från Malin gör mig både glad och förvånad. Det var ett tag sedan vi hade kontakt och denna påminnelse kring frågan om vad hon längtade efter i ett flerskap i sexlivet var otroligt spännande att få ta del av. Jag bad henne beskriva sina tankar och scenarios för både mig och Patrik. Och hon lovade att återkomma.

Under tiden blev jag som bäst påmind min och mr S fina möte med vår första singel kvinna. Som numera är våldsamt förälskad i en annan och liksom har dumpat oss…..tja, så är livet. Hur det var ett otroligt fint och samstämt samspel mellan henne och mig. Hur jag fick bjuda in henne och hur hon väntade in mig i inbjudan. Som en stor respekt får vår långa relation. Inte som att vi var två sexleksaker för henne. Inte alls. För det var ju inte heller hon för oss.

Mr S lägger handen på min axel och stänger min dator. Jag kan läsa Malins svar när det kommer. Ikväll är inte det i prioritet. Ikväll prioriteras annat. Kameran är riggad och vi ska fota oss själva. Hela studion är vår egen. Hela kvällen.


early weekend morning fantasies

An arm reaching out for me. Hands on my body. Whispers in my ear. Whisperings of a fantasy of inviting the third person to bed with us. This time the man. A chosen man. The whispering continues as the hands touch all corners and curves of my body. We make out. A lot. I love it. Tongues deep into each other. Suddenly you are on your knees showing your big erection asking me to suck you.

Of course, I love sucking you’re cock. At the same time you keep telling me the fantasy. Inviting the chosen man into this sex right now. I can feel him too. If I close my eyes we are all there. The three of us. Making out. Sucking cocks. Licking pussy. Pinching nipples.

Touching and teasing.

Asking for penetration the fantasy continues. Not of just one cock, but of two. Sucking one, fucking one. Taking turns. And then suddenly all relaxed and open and you my darling spread my legs. Wide open. Both of you enter me. Slowly and teasingly at first, letting me feel all sensations like in slow-motion. Then I increase my rhythm to meet you both. I am in your arms. And in the chosen man’s arms.

I feel safe. I feel treasured. I am pleasure!

After my energetic full body orgasms – I open my eyes and kiss you. I thank you for inviting mr chosen to this morning. It feels really good to start doing a threesome like this where you are in charge whispering and taking commands of positions. And this weekend it actually feels like we have had a threesome every morning.

So this fantasy….it soon needs to be taken into reality. It is a wish of mine now.



Am I looking for an affair?


The question seemed absurd when it came in a private message. Directed to me. Was I the woman from Ashley Madison looking for an affair?

No, I am not. Not on Ashley Madison. Not looking for an affair. I am here. With my love, Mr S. Not interested in playing on my own. Only intrigued to play with him and others.

Private messages on different places. Email. Kik. Instagram. Wordfeud. And other places. Yes, sometimes (the first time) I usually smile – nice to be seen and appreciated. But then the questions and conversation takes different routes and twists which I didn’t ask for at all. So I wave them off with a good bye and good luck elsewhere.

But who is going to ”heal” these persons?
No, it is not my task. But the world need them to be healed and seen and loved.
Who will do it? And why do they believe the answer lies in having an affair with a married woman?

No, I am not looking for an affair.

I am looking to enhance pleasure. My pleasure.

Searching for those who listens

As we walked back to our car from the concert we were both fully in awe. In awe of the interplay between the musicians. How one of them fully and totally just immersed with the music and how the other paid full attention, really listened and gave all her music as a gift back to the other woman. Her sincere smiles ensured us both that this was pure pleasure for her too. Listening, giving and interplaying with notes, frequencies and resonance.


I broke the silence and said longingly:

”- I wish that we can meet a woman that can be present, enjoy interplay,  who listens, who enjoys being a part of something, not the centrepiece, who is the opposite of tone deaf. I would like that. I would like to fully emerge and to let go into bliss and pleasure, to be sure that I was being listened to, to be sure that what was needed to be given to me, was given to me.”

”- I don´t understand”, you said.

I took your hand, smiled at you and replied:

” – You don´t have to. You do not need to understand. I understand. That is enough. I know what we are looking for. 

– Oh, I change my mind, I wish this for all people we meet. Not just another woman. Any person who wishes to play with us. All of them. Like this. ”

We drove back home through the cold night and made love before sleeping. Drowsing into sleep you murmured into my ear:

”- It´s been more than 40 minutes since I told you that I love you. I still do. ”

3 unicorns in one day

So, we were a bit sad yet happy that the last of our unicorn found their mr Love. Happy for their sake, sad for the team of us.

Things always turn around for the best though. Or very often we would say.

So less then 10 days after we’ve received the sad (yet happy) news, I am up and running 3 conversations in on day with 3 different unicorns.

We are lucky indeed.


2019 – new wishes and stars aligned for us


Will you share some with us?

We would like to explore more with an extra man. Maybe someone who really, really is bi-curious or more. Or just the right mr Chosen for us.

We would also like to meet with more women. A bi-curious woman for us two. And maybe two women at the same time too. Most probably will you be bi-sexual.

Yes, fancy sex parties are definitely a yes from us!

Couples – mr S is so interested in meeting the right couple.
The right one for us.
Or the good enough ones perhaps.
There is so much more going on within a couple, and I find it difficult to find the right energies that suits me. Where I can feel safe enough to let go and explore.
So, let’s meet and then decide if and HOW to proceed. For Mr S´s pleasure and wish. And mine too…even if might be a bit scared of admitting just that 😉

Contact us, send us a love letter or an email.

A magical year of fucking – 2018


Countless orgasms, countless fucks and many memories from adventures of sex as non monogamous.

How many couples, singles, sex parties and club visits last year?
Many more than we thought it was going to be as we started this first year of sexploration – well, this first year for us contains 13 months.

10 undressed sex dates with couples, unicorns or bulls.
3 sexparties.
6 visits to sex clubs.
plus a few more of dressed dates for chemistry searching. And a lot more chatting, texting and searching our channels for YOU and YOU and YOU.
We have so far met people from BC, Tinder, Tumblr and Feeld.

Thank you all for joining us in our sexploration. And do not hesitate to contact us if you’d like to meet us. Who knows, maybe we can meet soon for a chemistry date?

Unicorn matchmakers


All unicorns (and bulls (except 1 so far)) who we have met during last year….have found their true love. And it all has happened very recent to having sex with us. We believe it is because they all glow a bit more after spending time having glorious sex with us. 😉


If you are a unicorn or bull, who would:

A) like to have sex with us – and we with you

And would:

B) like to meet the love of your life in a short future after our sex date

Please contact us, we do not bite.

Thelma and Mr S