(table)sex tennis – multiple players

Imagine this…

6 women
12 men
Each of the women is a part of a couple, and the couples each bring their favourite, sexiest extra man to the event.
Double men vs women.

Picture this…

No table tennis table, instead a big, round, soft mattress – a round bed.
6 women naked on the bed with blindfolds.
Standing on all four with bare pussies to the edge of the bed.
The women have bodily contact and support by the ”sister” next to them.
A sisterhood circle. A bond. A trust.

12 men naked.
Approaching the women.
Standing in a circle.
Taking turns.
Touching her. Legs. Torso. Breast. Pussy. Fingering. Licking. Sucking.
The ones who wait hold their hands on the women´s lower back to raise the kundalini energy.

Imagine this….

The women form a new position.
Gently moved by two men each to a long, open sofa.
The new position is still on all fours. Still with blindfolds.
But every other woman has her head towards the room, and every other her ass towards the room.
Still having physical contact.
Still a sisterhood of trust and bonding.
Wet pussies glistening in the candle lit room.

The men approaching with their erect cocks.
A condom on the cocks approaching the pussies.
A bare cock approaching the mouths.
Each woman to be penetrated in pussy as she is sucking a cock.
1 minute. Then move to the right. Next woman to fuck or to be sucked by.

For starters…

Men wearing blindfolds.
Women undressing them and creating a sisterhood circle as they undress each woman at a time. One sister at a time.
Kissing all the women together. 2 men kissing one woman in a threesome kiss. Then move on to then next. And the next. And the next.
The men put the blindfolds on each woman.

For dessert…

The participants divide into 3 groups.
Each couple get back together and bring their extra man.
They team up with another threesome to form groups of 6 persons.
The two women in each group will get the gift of having 5 pair of hands on her body for 10 minutes.
Caressing, Cherishing, Appreciating, Teasing hands and other Worshipping body parts. Kissing, Licking, Sucking.

Let the game begin…

Att hedra relationen

Ett viktigare och viktigare inslag för alla sexuella upplevelser med andra har vuxit fram tydligt = Vikten av att alla deltagare i sexleken hedrar de relationer som deltar. 

Sensual happy couple in white clothes on a pier (Maldives)

Om en singelperson deltar med ett par så hedrar självklart singelpersonen även relationen. Inte bara alla individerna som deltar utan även ett hedrande/uppskattande/erkännande till relationen som paret tar med till sexleken.

Om par deltar med andra par så finns den självklara delen likaväl här. Fast tyvärr är mitt tycke att så ofta inte är fallet. Ofta finns det lite lust till den egna partnern och väldigt lite uppskattning för den i leken som är av samma kön.
Uppskattningen behöver inte vara fysisk eller sexuell, ibland kan det räcka med ett ögonkast och en nickning. Eller en viskning och ett hedrande.

Att hedra relationen – hur?

  • genom att ta ögonkontakt med alla före sexlek
  • genom att ta ögonkontakt och visa uppskattning till en man innan du vill ta för dig av hans kvinna (eller tvärtom visa det för kvinnan innan du tar för dig av hennes man) och undersök i den kontakten om det är ok att du tar för dig
  • genom att ta kontakt med båda i ett par för att se om det är ok att du tar för dig av den ena eller den andra eller båda två
  • genom att återknyta kontakt med din egen partner (om du deltar med egen partner i sexleken) ofta och fysiskt, visa för de andra i sexleken att du åtrår din partner och att det är han/hon som är din viktigaste
  • kan även ske genom att ni pratar igenom detta före sexleken så att alla får en chans att känna efter innan leken startar, känna efter och kanske be om att det inte ska ingå xxx, eller yyy. Eller att det just ska ingå xxx och yyy.
  • kan även ske genom att ni följer de gränser som dras upp före och under leken – dvs du måste träna upp din förmåga att uppfatta stämning i rummet, gruppen, leken och hos individerna
  • genom att undersöka innan du deltar vilka som är dina gränser och vad som är dina önskemål
  • genom att undersöka tillsammans med din partner (om ni båda ska delta i sexleken) vad som gäller för gränser för er och vilka era önskemål som par är (givetvis finns det ALLTID utrymme att ändra och lägga till eller ta bort gränser och önskemål – det är ju inte bara ni som deltar i detta liksom, det är säkert fler par och individer involverade i sexleken)
  • genom att alltid återknyta fysisk kontakt till din partner efter att du gjort en utflykt till en annan individ under leken
  • genom att ofta och återkommande ha sex med din partner i leken – inte bara alla andra – att du visar för de andra att du väljer din partner inte bara som en hemmahamn utan även för att den är het, sexig och du vill ha den
  • genom att stämma av med din partner innan ni bjuder in någon mer till er lilla sexlek mitt i den stora sexleken, är detta en individ som ni båda vill leka med?
  • genom att stämma av, tidigt inför leken och i dess början, med din partner om vilka som ni ska leka med under denna sexlek

Relationen finns kvar 24/7. Sexleken kanske varar ett par timmar. Men den finns kvar i dig och i ditt minne. Så om du inte klarar av att hedra relationen även under sexleken, vare sig det gäller din egna eller de andras som deltar, då kommer du med all sannolikhet inte att bli inbjuden att leka med oss.

Am I looking for an affair?


The question seemed absurd when it came in a private message. Directed to me. Was I the woman from Ashley Madison looking for an affair?

No, I am not. Not on Ashley Madison. Not looking for an affair. I am here. With my love, Mr S. Not interested in playing on my own. Only intrigued to play with him and others.

Private messages on different places. Email. Kik. Instagram. Wordfeud. And other places. Yes, sometimes (the first time) I usually smile – nice to be seen and appreciated. But then the questions and conversation takes different routes and twists which I didn’t ask for at all. So I wave them off with a good bye and good luck elsewhere.

But who is going to ”heal” these persons?
No, it is not my task. But the world need them to be healed and seen and loved.
Who will do it? And why do they believe the answer lies in having an affair with a married woman?

No, I am not looking for an affair.

I am looking to enhance pleasure. My pleasure.

How hard can it be? To have a hard on…

Stella and Stuart met for lunch before they had a session with Thelma. Yes, they had postponed the session for a few weeks and they were eager to get their heads around the learning that was luring from them since their last sex date at the hotel.

The sex date with an extra man. A tall man. An athletic man. With a decent cock head and cock size. Or that was at least what had been communicated through pictures and chatting before the undressed date.

Stuart ordered lunch for them both, and Stella took a table in the far end of the café near the square. The room was not crowded, but Stella wanted to talk about explicit details with Stuart so she wanted some privacy. For that reason the far end was perfect. She sat down in the sofa in her short skirt and the new stockings that was a Christmas gift from Stuart. She smiled as she remembered the holidays around Christmas and New Years. Plenty of horniness and plenty of oral sex. Teasing each other during the days and eating each other during the nights. Hungrily.

Stuart sat down in the sofa too and smiled at Stella. He put a curl of her hair behind her ear, a gesture he made at least once a day. And then he rested his hand on her thigh, just by the skirt. He even slid a few fingers up under the skirt, only his thumb and index finger were visible.

”- Alright, I´ll start”, said Stella. ”We need to talk about all our sex dates where other men have been involved. Both the ones where we have had an extra man with the two of us, and also when we have met couples. I believe we have things to learn from all of them. And it is painful to talk about this for me, because it makes me feel so rejected. Not by you, but by the other men. They are all so chatty and proud of their cock-sizes and confident that they are excellent lovers. Or at least that is the picture they are trying to persuade us to believe. And when we get to the moment of sex and you get all excited about having two women in the room when we are with a couple, it seems as if the other man has a really hard time. A hard time getting a hard on and a turn on. Am I really not hot at all? My last question is a new one. It just dawned on me that they have all written in their profiles or while chatting that they are so good giving oral sex. Is that a way to get around not getting a hard on? I am not ok with that. I want to be a pillow princess with access to hard cocks. ”

Stella blinked as tears filled her eyes. She was not planning on crying here. She wasn’t even sad. Just angry. With the other men. With Stuart and with herself.

A waitress came along with their lunches and they ate a while in silence. Stuart was trying to find the right words, but then he just gave in and spoke the ones that came to him.

” – I believe they are scared of your confidence. That you seem to know what you want. That you have high standards and that they are afraid they might not even make it near them. We must learn more from this. I know now that I will never again make a move to penetrate another woman until the other man has proven to me and you that he is hard and willing to fuck you, if you want him of course. I will not leave you alone like that when we meet other couples or more people.” 

Stuart looked towards the door as a group of men entered and sat down not too far away from their table. They were a mixed group, maybe colleagues or other friendship between them, he pondered. Some in their late thirties, and at least one of them closer to 60. All fit and well built. And all of them laughing. He felt happier taking in their laughter and continued talking to Stella.

”- And this last event with the extra man, I don’t know why we were even trying so long for. I kept telling you to go for his cock and suck him so that he would get a hard on, so you would experience two big cocks. A wish that we both have. I want to see you in that pleasure. I feel both awful and helpless for not yet having fulfilled that wish for you. We have tried with a few, extra, single men and non of them has arisen to the moment. And by God you have been tremendously hot on all occasions. They have all praised you for your delicious curves, and looks, and for your beautiful body. Yet not being able to produce any kind of erect and hard cocks. I believe that we need to make an earlier move. Like if the extra men cannot get a hard on when they are near you, then you shouldn’t even have to get naked, we should thank them and dismiss them earlier. That is what I believe and the strategy we need to establish.”

Stuarts hand had slid all the way up under the skirt while he was talking. It had gone up and down the thigh, stroking the inside and the front. It had also hitched the skirt higher and higher up. Leaving the crotchless stockings in full view from the table of men near by.

Stella had hardly been listening as she had seen what had happened. She heard Stuarts words, but she didn’t listen. Yet she heard it all. At the same time she held eye contact with 6 men around the near by table. Meeting their eyes one at a time. And they did not look away. They met her gaze, looked at her body, and saw everything that happened under the table as Stuart was stroking her thigh. She was wearing both crotchless stockings as well as crotchless panties. Both a gift from Stuart of course. And their routine after a session at Thelmas the first Friday every month was to stay at a specific hotel bar on the way home, having sex in the bathroom, so this outfit was for him. Now though, the outfit was for these men too.

Stella moved her left thigh closer to Stuart and he responded by letting his fingers slide down to her swollen lips. He carefully tugged and pulled the lips and spread them apart. Making sure he took his time before he let one of his finger inside her. Stella kept eye contact with all the men. And smiled. They all smiled back and nodded approval towards them both. Stuart slid his finger out from the pussy and up over the clitoris head, kissed Stella and walked over to the table near by. Left his business card with the oldest member of the team of men, then nodded to Stella. It was time to go to Thelma for their session.

On the back of the card was a handwritten note. An address for a hotel. And a time.
The team of men had precisely 3 hours before the invitation commenced.

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 


An extra man

”We are sexting with a man. A man with an open mind. A man who think we are a very hot couple. I keep an open mind too. He asks us for inspiration before our upcoming sex date. I send him some of the pictures below. He had to take the rest of the day off work. Couldn’t focus ;-). I wonder what would have happened had I dared to send a few more pictures. Pictures of the men also enjoying each others bodies?

See you next month Thelma, 
all the best,

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 


a year of magical fucks

Last year, almost exactly on this day, mr S created an account for us on an adult site. BC or Body contact or the Boat club as some users refer it too. Most of the accounts are based in Sweden. And some additional from neighboring countries.

The last year we have also started having our daily magical fucks. Yes daily. The last 379 days we have had at least one magical fuck a day.
We are not including 4 days when we’ve been apart from each other. 
At least one magical fuck a day – yes that is how it has been. Some days we have had a lot more sex than one fuck. And other days have had ”just” one.

Sex for us is always some penetration of one of us and at least one of us has an orgasm. Mostly me, Thelma. And I do not mind them at all. The fucks and the orgasms.

As I write this I want to thank all the contacts we have met from BC. Every meeting has been special. Both the meeting as well as the process before and after. Thank you all for being who you are!

At the moment I also want to share that we have a lot going on….trying on costumes for an upcoming sex-event with approx 60 participants, chatting with a few single, bisexual men. And Thelma is having a lunch date with one of the unicorns on her own later this week.

Do you want to be like Thelma and mr S?
Then all you have to be is more of yourself!


worst and best case scenarios

Stella was stuck in her negative spiraling thoughts and came to see me on her own.

She tells me this:
”I cry a lot now a days, we have lots of sex and I really do believe Stuart loves me more than ever and deeper then he actually realizes. Yet, I am so scared that he will leave me. That I will be alone and unwanted. That I will not belong in his loving community.”

She takes a pause and starts over again, fixing her eyes upon mine.

”And I have a really hard time not being stressed out by the fact that he wants more women to have sex with. It sometimes feels like I should just go against my own body and mind, and let him have his way. Set up a few dates with some unicorns and let him lick as much pussy as he wants. And that they all play with his cock as I kiss him. Tears will surely be rolling down my face as I do this. You see? It feels like a big black hole inside me just waiting to eat me up and pull me down. And I am not yet ready to die. To leave this.

I want to be able to give him what he wants, mostly because I believe that I will loose him if I do otherwise. Or that is what my brain tells me anyway. And I believe it. 

It seems like I am wired to always go deep down amygdala searching for the worst case scenario. Which might even be that if I give Stuart exactly what he wants among other women, that he will still leave me. I cannot live with these stupid thoughts and fears in my life anymore. I am so angry at Stuart and at myself.”

I can feel that Stella is very tense and stressed about the whole situation. Both talking about it as well as, feeling it to be true, and also in a way knowing it isn’t but still being angry with herself for acting in this way. Leaning closer to her I ask her to tell me of the best case scenarios that will occur if she will do what she thinks Stuart wishes.

”In the best case scenarios I will have access to my voice, not being afraid of saying what I want to happen, not being afraid of asking to be a part, not being afraid of taking as much as I want from Stuart, not being afraid to push the greedy ones out of the room, not being afraid sharing Stuart with the ones I like, with the ones that he like, not being afraid of being left out of the play and pleasure.

In the best case scenario I too will feel pleasure. I too will be able to be in my body without a stress respons of freeze (I don’t experience flight nor fright in our sex adventures this far). I too will have a good time.

And I will be in no doubt that Stuart is in love with me. That I am the woman he wants more of. That I am the only woman he wants to share his life with.”

I ask her more:
”So how do thinking of these best case scenarios make you feel Stella?”

She answers in a slow voice and tone.

”Like I want to cry for being so rude and mean to myself. And I really want to be able to let go of this downward spiral. I want to believe with every cell of my body that the best case scenario or at least the last part about Stuart loving only me will be true. I am not there yet. Maybe this will come with time or a might need a few more sessions with you to embody these new beliefs that I want to have. Replace the ones I do have with new ones. Can we do that? Schedule a few sessions for me?”

She opens her calendar on her phone, but before we search for a new time to meet, she shows me the latest picture that Stuart sexted to her while she sat here with me.


The words that follow along with the picture are:
Let this luscious ass be mine tonight. I will treasure it with my big cock.

No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters.