A numbers evening

1 hotelsuite.
2 bedrooms + living room.
2 single women.
3 (+lots more) bottles of bubbly + non alcoholic + snacks.
3 hot women wearing high heeled boots.
5 hot women wearing high heels.
8 couples, some hotter than others.
13 single men, young, and some more mature.
31 people involved in sex.
15 handshakes and new names.

4 women I kissed.
3 men I kissed.
2 women mr S fucked.
4 pair of nipples touched and sucked.
1 women we both had oral sex with at the same time.
1 couple we recognised from before.
All the other guests = new acquaintances.

5 men I fucked.
2 men gave me oral pleasure.
6 cock’s I sucked.
3 dp’s.
2 deep-throats.
1 airtight.
20 + eyes met and checked each other out.

4 new friends on bc.
3 new male friends for possible play dates.
274 minutes of parking set at arrival.
273 minutes later we left the parking.
2 dresses worn.

The best number?
Plenty of orgasms. And even more in the days afterwards.

The maybe even better number?
This was party number 1. Party number 2 starts soon.

Best number of them all?
I am mr S’s number 1, and he is my number 1.

En reaktion på ”A numbers evening

  1. Karl

    Hopefully this weekend it will be her first. She found a guy on tinder. They met and gave each other a hug. Planned first visit tomorrow att his place. I’m nervous, excited and a bit jealous that I can’t be there



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