Helping hands

Helping hands are looked upon in our exploration world in the most various ways. At BodyContact there are many profiles writing that they are ”well past helping hands”. In the Tantric world the opposite is more often true. And the grey scale between them is filled with all the colours of the rainbow.

In our opinion, helping hands in the right context and situation can be EXACTLY what is giving the moment a top position on our list of sexploration activities.

Ever since we released the Kundalini inside of me, the extra touch, the added hands, the added fingers running up my spine from my ass towards my hairline shifts my orgasms from the ”normal” to the super-duper-delicious. And that my dear reader, is exactly what my definition of helping hands is.

The right touch, the right place, the right addition towards becoming one with the universe of orgasms.

And yes – I do recommend you follow @apollonia.saintclair on Instagram.


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