Three women

Constantly following us. Our every step. Of the way. Three women. Or at least their names.

Consider this.
You find a beautiful, authentic unicorn via your fav-dating site. She is up for a three-some with you and your husband. And most interested in trying to have sex with a woman. Although she does enjoy your husband too. You all agree to meet, get undressed and have a great time in bed. And for all of the involved this is your first encounter with either the same sex, and or a three-some. Her name? Charlotte.

Next consider this.
Yes, the first encounter with a unicorn gave you a sweet tooth and you want to try it again. Back to your fav-dating site and kaboom. There she appears. And in no time at all, you have met for a date and have booked yet another threesome. This time the invited unicorn do have some previous experience, although be it many moons ago. The date goes so, so. Ok at the time, but not all the time. And afterwards a downhill slope for you (ie the wife in the couple). You still meet not once but twice again. Once for lunch and talk among women. And once to go to a sexparty together. Where a NO is trespassed and we never meet again. Her name? Isabel.

Then this. I mean consider this too.
Time passes and you both start to look again. Maybe it will be better with anther woman? This time she comes to you. Via another date with her fuck-buddy, where we pick her phone number and organise a date of our own. Fingers crossed everything will be better. A lot of explaining of what is ok and not ok. And taking it slowly at the sex-date. All three taking it slowly. And yes, we are still all three rookies at both threesomes, and sex with same sex. We say something about maybe seeing each other again. But no, that will probably not happen with this unicorn either. Her name? Kathryn.

Ok. You have now considered the short description of each woman. Each unicorn. And you have seen that among the three, we are not to keen to meet the last two. The first one however is still on our wish-list…or at least was. Anyhow…

Yes, anyhow.
What are the odds that these names will meet us again wherever we go into new sexploration or any situations?
Because that is what has happened.
1. Visits to other sex parties. Boom, there is a Kathryn, an Isabel and a Charlotte present.
2. Among my relatives, more precisely my sisters-in-law (yes they were there before). Boom, of course three of them are called these names.
3. Visits to a friends little get together. Boom of course three of their friends are called these names too.

So, it seems like we have to remember all three of these women very clearly and over and over again until the universe understands that we are moving on.


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