The good girl

A few nights ago my sweet Mr S decided he was no longer in charge of our hunt for pleasure. For our exploration. He wants me to step up and pull him along now. Show him the way. Be the bold and daring one. Be the planner. Be the hostess. Be the organiser.

I just wanna be the good girl. I just wanna be fucked. I just wanna be told what to do. Cherished. Kissed. Fucked. Used. Loved. I love being told by him that I am a ”Good girl”. That turns me on.

So this?
Is a totally 180 turn for me. And I haven’t stepped up to it for a few days. But today I did. Chatted with M that we have met before when he was a part of a couple. I also sent a request for a helping hand to a few others. To help us get back into the scene.

Our favourite club in Paris is still closed due to the current state of the world. But fortunately M has indeed some contacts in Paris and will let us now asap when the smallest opening will occur.

I do hope I can step up to this challenge by my sweetheart. I will put my red shoes on, click my heels and BAM – it will all appear closer than we think.
Isn’t that so?


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