The Hot wife doing a 180


This, the above pic, was exactly what I thought I was going to experience. What I was hoping for. That my husband would encourage me to set up my account on Ashley Madison. Becoming a Hotwife. His Hotwife. But I was so wrong.

The story I am about to tell you is a few years old. It happened when we still lived in New York. The kids were 8,10 and 12. All of my life was care taking. Of the family. Of the kids. Of the house. Of our social events. Of the relatives. Of holidays.
I desperately needed to be seen as the sex goddess I am. My husband didn’t see me. I was in need for attention and appreciation. And desperately in need for a feeling like the pic above.

Setting up an account as a Hotwife on AM is not difficult at all. Starting dating is not difficult, just a bit of nervousness. The next part, that is when it becomes difficult. Really difficult. When the ghosting starts. When they are too gross. When they cannot flirt with my brain. When they are not what they had described themselves to be. When I feel lonely, when I feel ashamed, when I feel not wanted, not attractive.

That is what happened to me

My husband figured out that something was not right with me and us. So he asked me when we were as we drove to get the kids after one of their mini-camps.
We were sitting in the car on our own for three hours. Plenty of time to talk.
He asked, and asked, and asked. I told hm about how I felt, what I had done and tried and that this was all for him. How I tried to become his Hotwife, taking my first steps on my own. And how it had made me feel the opposite of what I had hoped and aimed for. I showed him the picture. Being totally honest and open with my request that I now felt safe enough to tell him. That I wanted to feel like the woman in the picture. I want a man to have that power over me. Not any man. But him. And how I wanted him to control me. Telling me who to fuck – like I was his Hotwife.

I was so scared when I said these words in the car. I felt vulnerable, transparent and in stress. Would he leave me know or when we got home? That question went through my head and body at least a thousand times per second.
Guess what, he didn’t.
He took me by surprise. He was actually happy that I had tried this on my own.
He was grateful that I opened up to him like this. At that moment I knew things between us could only get better.

The trip to Europe

About a year later, a work trip brings us to Europe. As we arrived in Amsterdam I get a message on kik. Strange….no one of my friend use kik. I had no idea who it was from. And when I opened it I was stressed. And nervous. And excited. I showed the message to my husband. He smiled.

It appeared that my profile on AM still existed. In the European version. And it also contained a kik-profile to me. As we arrived here in Amsterdam we showed up in a new range of people whom hadn’t seen me before. The message? It was from a man. Looking for a lady for his wife. And I had naughtily written Bi-curious on my profile so he found me that way. Nervous, stressed and yes, excited too.

We started chatting on our way to the hotel. We exchanged a few pictures and he was super thrilled to find our that we were actually a couple. He wanted to create a night with sex and pleasures soon as a surprise for his wife if we were up for it. We started to feel like we really wanted to do this both of us. Whatever it turned out to be. We had never really discussed something like this, but when opportunity comes right at you, we couldn’t duck anymore. We said YES, PLEASE!

The work trip started on the Wednesday, we had Thursday to attend work meetings. Then we did a bit of tourist walks and just smiled at each other every time we got the chance. Feeling tremendously naughty. Need I say we had tremendous sex all of Thursday night and Friday morning?

Getting closer

Come Friday lunch. We had arranged for a discreet and secret meeting with the man, Jaan, and his wife, Anette. She was not to know that we had spoken previously. So we kept it a secret. The husband had made reservations at a restaurant – and he managed to make it look like it was a mistake by the staff that we had to share a table, the four of us. And she believed him. We smiled and opened up as the American tourists so she had absolutely no idea who we were. She sat next to me in the sofa and our men in front of each wife. All smiles and exchanging stories of our trip so far, what we liked about Amsterdam and so on. Could they perhaps recommend anything extra, off the tourist path?

The wife had no clue. She was just being very happy, friendly and loving towards her husband and us – as strangers she would never meet again. Or so she thought. My husband and I were turned on by the situation. And by the woman. She had curves, both ass and boobs. Her smile always reached her eyes and we really like that.
Lunch went on and we came to an end. We decided to say good bye and we hugged. I let my hand gently fall along her back as I hugged her close. Letting it linger on her lower back a while. My husband nestled himself in to a hug just as we let go, so for a split second the three of us were hugging. As we hugged Jaan he whispered in our ears that he was very pleased and would send further instructions very soon.

Leaving the restaurant we giggled and kissed. Hungrily for each other. Walking a few steps towards our hotel, then stopping for closeness and snogging. We didn’t care what other people thought when they saw us. We were horny, and wanted each other badly. In the elevator at the hotel I kneeled down and unzipped his trousers and took my husbands big cock head in my mouth. I was soaking wet all through my panties. As I left the elevator my husband stopped me against the wall and put his hand up under my skirt and pulled my panties down. Put them in his pocket and pulled me along the corridor to our hotel room.

I felt the feeling I had been longing to feel for so long.
I felt wanted, I felt treasured, I felt hot and so damn horny!

To be continued….


No person, relation or likewise came to any harm at the sharing of this story. Neither before, during or afterwards. If all of the above is a fantasy, reality or other is irrelevant. What the words mean to you and your relation is the only thing that matters. 

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