Searching for those who listens

As we walked back to our car from the concert we were both fully in awe. In awe of the interplay between the musicians. How one of them fully and totally just immersed with the music and how the other paid full attention, really listened and gave all her music as a gift back to the other woman. Her sincere smiles ensured us both that this was pure pleasure for her too. Listening, giving and interplaying with notes, frequencies and resonance.


I broke the silence and said longingly:

”- I wish that we can meet a woman that can be present, enjoy interplay,  who listens, who enjoys being a part of something, not the centrepiece, who is the opposite of tone deaf. I would like that. I would like to fully emerge and to let go into bliss and pleasure, to be sure that I was being listened to, to be sure that what was needed to be given to me, was given to me.”

”- I don´t understand”, you said.

I took your hand, smiled at you and replied:

” – You don´t have to. You do not need to understand. I understand. That is enough. I know what we are looking for. 

– Oh, I change my mind, I wish this for all people we meet. Not just another woman. Any person who wishes to play with us. All of them. Like this. ”

We drove back home through the cold night and made love before sleeping. Drowsing into sleep you murmured into my ear:

”- It´s been more than 40 minutes since I told you that I love you. I still do. ”


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