a year of magical fucks

Last year, almost exactly on this day, mr S created an account for us on an adult site. BC or Body contact or the Boat club as some users refer it too. Most of the accounts are based in Sweden. And some additional from neighboring countries.

The last year we have also started having our daily magical fucks. Yes daily. The last 379 days we have had at least one magical fuck a day.
We are not including 4 days when we’ve been apart from each other. 
At least one magical fuck a day – yes that is how it has been. Some days we have had a lot more sex than one fuck. And other days have had ”just” one.

Sex for us is always some penetration of one of us and at least one of us has an orgasm. Mostly me, Thelma. And I do not mind them at all. The fucks and the orgasms.

As I write this I want to thank all the contacts we have met from BC. Every meeting has been special. Both the meeting as well as the process before and after. Thank you all for being who you are!

At the moment I also want to share that we have a lot going on….trying on costumes for an upcoming sex-event with approx 60 participants, chatting with a few single, bisexual men. And Thelma is having a lunch date with one of the unicorns on her own later this week.

Do you want to be like Thelma and mr S?
Then all you have to be is more of yourself!



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